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Letter’s to the Editor 11-30-2022

Letter to the Editor:

Due to a court ordered release of information and the hard work of the Informed Consent Action Network attorney (Aaron Siri), we now know that among these 10 million people in this program, there were over 70 million adverse affects. Some affects were minor and only required missing a day of work. About 8% had to seek medical attention. 4.2 million of the 70 million adverse effect were classified as serious. The alarming fact is that the CDC had this data for over a year and a half and it did not disclose it to the public. Go to where Aaron Siri, discusses the two lawsuits and months of litigation by the Informed Consent Action Network that led to the release of health entry data from approximately 10 million users of the CDC’s v-safe app and how all the information has been made immediately available to the public on the ICAN website in a user friendly dashboard.

The OpenVAERS (a watchdog nongovernment) organization identified those of the V-SAFE group who filed a VAERS report. There were 782,913 V-SAFE participants who required medical care after the Covid vaccination. But only 30,492 V-Safe individuals reported in VAERS – that is only 3.89%. That proofs that a lot more people had adverse effects than what is reported in VAERS.

According to Open VAERS, there have been 31,961 deaths, 182,907 hospitalizations, 138,521 urgent care, 17,152 heart attacks, 53,836 myocarditis/pericarditis, 45,382 severe allergic reactions and 16,311 Bell’s Palsy adverse effect cases through Nov. 2, 2022.

Australia and Florida (only state in the US) is pulling the vaccination in individuals younger than 30.

V-SAFE is an active surveillance program (during the period when the vaccines are authorized for use) to monitor the safety of Covid-19 vaccines under the FDA Emergency Use Authorization.

JoAnn Utphall


Letter to the Editor:

Well, the Supreme Quart seems to have sprung leaks. Mad as a wet hen, Justice Sam Alito claims there is not an ounce of truth in the allegations that he is/was the drip. But do Sam’s denials hold any more water than his likely earlier incontinent conduct? Especially when compared to the word of the Protestant minister, a man of God, who has blown his cover.

Chuck Boyer

Wheeler, WI

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