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Letter’s to the Editor 12-14-2022

Letter to the Editor:

There are reports circulating that if the knives are out for him because his Ukraine adventure is going south, so will Vlad Putin, namely, to South America. It is not impossible that as the U.S. courts tighten the screws, Don T. might just bid adios to the “witch-hunting” U.S. of A., get fitted for a MAGA sombrero, and join his good ol’ Russian compadre in a Latin American beach condo. There they will be, the Two Amigos, on their beach towels, day after day, lying nonstop in the sun.

Chuck Boyer

Wheeler, WI

Letter to the Editor:

Last week, Dr. Anthony Fauci testifying (depose) under oath (in person or written statement) as part of the First Amendment case, Missouri v. Biden. The goal of this case is to find out what was being said during the secret meetings that the Biden administration, federal agencies and Dr. Fauci had with Big Tech to censor Covid-19 statements deemed misinformation.

The nonprofit group, New Civil Liberties Alliance represents a group of critics of the Covid-19 vaccines and media suppression, recently joined the lawsuit started by Jim Hoft (founder of the Gateway Pundit). 

The complaint alleges that government officials colluded with and coerced Big Tech and social media platforms to suppress non-favorable Covid-19 viewpoints. Former WH press secretary Jen Psaki argued she shouldn’t be required to testify but US District Judge Terry Doughty denied the request. He also ordered Fauci, officials from the FBI, Center for Disease Control, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security, WH Director, State Department’s Global Engagement Cent and the US Surgeon General to testify. 

At first the judge ordered Fauci to submit a written deposition but Fauci argued that communications in question was protected by executive privilege but the argument failed. 

Depositions were temporarily halted for three of them when 5th Circuit panel of judges ruled that Judge Doughterly should have explored other less intrusive, alternative means (such as obtaining written discovery or deposition from lower-ranking officials) of obtaining the information from the defendants. The argument is that the high-ranking officials should not be required to depose as it distracts from their critical and time-sensitive duties which would cause irreversible harm. In November the deposition order was denied and the deposition of the three will happen in December. 

Next the 5th Circuit Court asked Judge Doughty to reconsider the viability of the lawsuit before allowing the three depositions to proceed – another stalling technique. 

The government has released extensive documentation during the discovery process. Thus the Discovery phase continues.

JoAnn Utphall


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