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Letters to the Editor 1-4-2023

Letter to the Editor:

“The Biden administration is delivering unaccompanied alien children around the country like packages,” states Tom Fitton, Pres. Judicial Watch (JW).

The FOIA papers and emails received from the Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS) detailed the nighttime airplane flights of unaccompanied alien children (UAC) that were flown from Texas to Tennessee and a couple other destinations – making multiple stops. On one flight the emails indicate that two buses would be waiting at San Diego, two buses at Oklahoma City, two buses at Chattanooga and two buses at Newark. The other flights had similar details. 

Judicial Watch states, “These shocking documents that we forced out show the Biden administration effectively trafficking unaccompanied alien children, dropping them off in city after city like items for delivery. The Biden open borders crisis is resulting in the most massive child and human trafficking operation ever.” JW FOIA request resulted in documents listing alleged UAC sexual abuse cases.

Data from the Office of Refugee Resettlement stated that from October 2021 to September 2022, there were 127,447 UAC processed by HHS. According to the New York Post, during the month of April (2021), the US government was spending $60 million a week to house UACs. In April (2021) $287 million from HHS, $850 million from Public Health and Social Services Emergency, $860 million plus another $203.5 million (more than 1billion) from NIH (Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations) discretionary funds were transferred to the UAC program. 

With the alarmingly high number of UAC in the last two years and the lack of transparency, how can we be assured that the UACs are getting adequate care and adequate vetting for resettling the children? Are the housing facilities overcrowded? Are the real relatives being found? Are blood tests being conducted on the adults and children to prove they are related? When Trump was in office, the main stream media fussed over the inadequacy of the children facilities. Why so quiet now, when the numbers are many times higher? 

JoAnn Utphall


Gosh, if only human beings could somehow develop a natural immunity to BS. You would think that with our constant exposure to all the BS out there, it would have happened by now.  But no.  And if a vaccine were developed against BS, how many of us would be anti-vaxxers, preferring chronic BS to the truth?

Chuck Boyer

Wheeler, WI

Letter to the Editor- Assembly Speaker of the house Robin Vos and the Gableman ordeal for Starters

I don’t understand why some politicians keep getting elected. Robin Vos, speaker of the house in Madison, is a prime example for term limits. He bounced between being a Trump supporter and created the Gableman ordeal of election problems in Wisconsin. He even made a trip to talk with former President Trump. So far, the cost to taxpayers in this state is over a million dollars. I believe there still are some lawsuits to address as well. As time went on Speaker Voss fired Gableman when things got heated and he fell out of favor with former President Trump. As taxpayers in this state, people should be completely upset with this entire fiasco. Then I only have to go back a little further and we have the FOXCONN deal. I can still see former President Trump and former Governor Scott Walker standing side by side holding shovels for the groundbreaking ceremonies. The most money ever spent on a foreign entity by a state. How did that go? Now, I found out that after redistricting back in April, I have a different Representative and Senator. I’m sure others have found this out as well. I reached out to Rep. Clint Moses and asked if he was going to have listening sessions before the November election since redistricting had changed things. My answer was that listening sessions probably won’t happen until January when the Legislature is back in Session. Will the upcoming Legislature be about constituents vs. party caucuses? If you drive the state’s highways, are you a happy camper? County wheel taxes seem to be the norm nowadays. The reason I’m hearing is that the counties aren’t getting increases in shared revenue. The latest thing is emergency services and local property taxes. How many small villages and cities in this state can afford increases in fire, EMS, police personnel. The cities of Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls are having referendums in the November election to address the expansion of these services. As far as my demographic, retired seniors living on fixed incomes, we are getting bombarded with school district referenda and have for years. These school districts are saying they aren’t getting enough aid to take care of normal maintenance and capital expenditures. A good example is the school district of Eau Claire. They’re shooting for over 98 million. The sad part is that they still owe millions on a passed referendum back in 2016. The antiquated funding statutes of the Technical College System created before the Vietnam War was over with are still on the books and are now mean-spirited as we become retired seniors living on fixed incomes. Am I hopeful that the Legislature will get something done in the next session? Are you?

Terry Nichols

Town of Colfax

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