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Letters to the Editor 12-28-2022

Letter to the Editor:

The Epoch Times sums up their hour and a half documentary, “Border Deception: How the US and UN Are Quietly Running the Border Crisis” this way, “Behind the nearly 4.9 million illegal immigrants who entered the United States since President Joe Biden took office are criminal cartels, orchestration from the United Nations (UN), and financing from the U.S. government. And while taxpayers are being told that local law enforcement and the National Guard are working to resolve the crisis, in reality, they’re being used to funnel migrants to networks of non-governmental organizations (NGO), who then traffic them for resettlement throughout the country.”

The UN international organization, IOM (International Organization for Migration – also referred to as OIM) is working in South and Central America to recruit immigrants and is the chief facilitator in moving the immigrants on each step of the migration.

Afghanistan refugees were sent to military bases throughout the US. Our government promised that the people from Afghanistan would go through a thorough vetting process. In reality the commanding officers of these encampments were told by the government officials “not to worry about this.” So very few refugees have participated in the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program. OIM is contracted by the State Department at Fort McCoy and other bases, to facilitate resettling the refugees (instead of our government doing this). IOM is involved in migration all over the world. The IOM branch in New York serves as the liaison between IOM and US State Department. 

On the IOM website, the US government is listed as the biggest donor; being funded through the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM) and states that IOM provides extensive support to the US government. PRM is listed as the donor for the Refugee Travel Loans. All refugees arriving in the US are offered interest free travel loans by IOM personnel. All the refugees have to do to get the “loan” is sign an agreement to repay it within 46 months. IOM (UN) and the US government financially supports several NGOs to facilitate the migration and resettlement into the US.

Near the border, the migration trails are littered with the migrant’s ID’s, (driver’s licenses, airplane tickets) and UNHCR migration brochures – a “how to” instruction manual to get through Mexico and instructions on using amnesty. By doing this, they hide their country of origin and defraud the US Amnesty system as amnesty is only granted to residents from certain countries. After turning themselves into Department of Public Safety (DPS) agents, the migrants are taken to NGO facilities to get food, baths, clothes, travel tickets and sign “loans.” There is no vetting process. 

BP and law enforcement are not deterring the refugee’s at the border but are funneling the refugees to the NGO facilities. The migration and refugee settlement into the US is being financed by the US government (through the UN and by the US outsourcing to NGOs) and the direct payment loans are incentivizing the migration.

JoAnn Utphall


Letter to the Editor:

Given the repression, sometimes fatal, of women in Iran and Afghanistan, the unimaginable suffering of civilians in Ukraine and the unforgivable reality of the indifference to the homelessness of so many of our own veterans, it feels like a callous, cynical irony to wish every one a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Chuck Boyer

Wheeler WI

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