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Letter’s to the Editor 1-11-2023

Letter to the Editor:

Rejoice! The Virgin Mary was NOT pro-choice.

You -wouldn’ t kill an eagle or a wolf. Why would you kill a human child?

We must remember that there are no valid excuses for abortion. Rape rarely results in pregnancy–only .1 of 1% of the time. The life of the mother always comes first in every hospital.

The baby’s heart is beating at 3 weeks after conception. Brain waves are seen at 6 .weeks. All the little one needs now is to grow, not as a part of the mother, but as a unique individual, with blood type, personality and DNA which may be different from the mother.

You can get all the abortion supplies you want on-line. But what happens when things go horribly wrong? No one will deny you birth control, but remember that some of it is abortifacient preventing attachment of the fetus to the wall of the womb.

The Constitution guarantees the right to life to even the youngest. Wisconsin Right to Life ( is an excellent source of information on fetal development, even designated places that offer free ultrasound.

Our children are our future.

Deanne Sczepanks

Whitehall, WI

Letter to the Editor:

A comparison of Pres. Joe Biden’s tax returns and his government transparency reports (to the Office of Government Ethics) show that there is a discrepancy of $5.2 million dollars (analysis done by that can’t be accounted for. After subtracting the salaries earned by the First Lady Jill Biden, it still leaves $5.2 million unaccountable. 

Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop revealed that Joe Biden’s share of the Chinese dealings was 10% but nothing pertaining to this was disclosed in the transparency report.

VP Biden stated that ““No one in my family will have an office in the White House, will sit in on meetings as if they are a cabinet member, will, in fact, have any business relationship with anyone that relates to a foreign corporation or a foreign country. Period.” Then records revealed that VP Joe Biden met with various Hunter’s business associates while in office in his office. Emails from Hunter’s laptop seem to indicate that VP Biden paid the legal fees for the son’s Chinese deals. In one of Joe Biden’s attorney’s email, it listed $737 thousand worth of Hunter’s bills that Joe authorized to be paid while his son transitioned in his career.

None of this is conclusive evidence that the money left out of the transparency report was associated with Hunter’s foreign business dealings, but it raises concerns and needs to be investigated.

If this would have been Donald Trump, the news media would have gone crazy. If they found the littlest of evidence, there would have been a congressional hearing and millions of dollars would have been (was) spent. If the congressional Republicans don’t investigate this in the coming year, they are not upholding their fiduciary responsibility of their oath of office.

JoAnn Utphall


Letter to the Editor:

New Year’s greetings! I know that Chucky Boy er needs some positive greetings. He sounds so angry and Not happy with his life. Pretty Negative too. He clearly does NOT know the Christian origins of our founding fathers. Perhaps he should! (Many of them were preachers.) The word “Creator” does Not mean who wrote the Declaration of Indep.,etc!! God Loves Chuck Boyer and many have said to me they are praying for him. Does he know Christmas is a celebration of CHRIST’s Birth? Now he knows. Many of us would be sad to think he wants to align with I’m suspecting his idol the devil. One has to make a choice where they want to spend eternity. Choose Wisely!! I’ve been guilty of saying G-d damn it …why don’t we say De–L damn it? Because evil loves to defile God’s name. Chuck frequently mentions not our current President…always finding fault. Why doesn’t he extol the virtues of the current pRESIDENT? he CANT- he clearly loves his elevated gas prices along with everything else going up.. inflation, was started, giving Illegals $$ and aid but Not for our Vets. Think it was ok to give Trillions to other countries? Have you been peeking at Hunters laptop? Write a letter about what O’Biden has failed to do. It will be quite long.. Too bad Chucky’s letters are so lame… they need crutches.


Sincerely, Chris Geiger -living the life in the sunshine!

Letter to the Editor:

A week before Christmas I drove up to the Veterans Memorial Cemetery near Spooner to take part in the ceremony of laying wreaths on the graves.

There were many people there from the Eau Claire, Chippewa, and Menomonie area – even several bus loads. It was the largest group they have ever hadand it was an exceptional day in every way. Although it was a cold, cloudy day with knee deep snow everyone was so happy to be there. We were all there for one purpose – to honor these veterans. Everyone worked together and visited with each other, sharing stories of where they were from and why they had come. Each one found a place to help and over 1900 wreaths were laid in what seemed like no time at all. Everyone talked about how they plan to come again next year.  This was the most wreaths they have ever had and we all have the hope that one day every grave will have a wreath. 

This is the cemetery for all the veterans in the Western Wisconsin area and it is a beautiful place. Yet many are unaware it even exists.  We need to get the word out. I sincerely hope that every newspaper will do a feature article on this cemetery.

If you would like to take a photo tour on line, just type in Northern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery in your computer search bar.

Ann Norton

Colfax, WI

Letter to the Editor:

Since nearly everything the Republicans do these days is pretty much beyond belief, I think their compromise choice for Speaker of the House will be George Santos.  He’s rotund as befits an elephant and has an adversarial position vis a vis the truth as befits so many on the wrong…oops…I mean on the right.

Chuck Boyer

Wheeler, WI

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