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Letter’s to the Editor 12-21-2022

Letter to the Editor:

Earlier in December, the Amos Center for Justice & Liberty (ACJL) held a press conference across the street from the Aurora Summit Hospital in Oconomowoc. The announcement centered on the Wisconsin Supreme Court (WSC) granting a petition for review in the Ivermectin related matter found in the Gahl vs. Aurora Hospital case.

There have been over a million deaths in the US due to Covid-19. The question that needs to be investigated is how many died due to the hospital’s protocol. Many hospitals denied treatment of drugs such as Ivermectin (a cheap drug that has been safely used for four decades with minor side effects). The next question is what role does a healthcare power of attorney have when the loved one is experiencing medical treatment? The final question is can a family member or person acting as medical power of attorney order a hospital to allow a doctor to administer a certain treatment (drug like Ivermectin) if administered by a doctor?

Back in October of 2021 John Zingsheim was admitted to the Aurora Summit Hospital in Waukesha County where he was diagnosed with Covid. He wanted to be given Ivermectin so his nephew, Allen Gahl (who had medical power of attorney for him) asked the hospital to administer Ivermectin. The hospital refused. The hospital’s Covid protocol was to administer the experimental drugs such as Remdesivir and Baricitinib – backed by the NIH and CMS which included government financial incentives. Ivermectin was one of the drugs prohibited by the government to be used for Covid.

In a two day conference between the lawyers and judge, the judge decided that John had a right to be administered Ivermectin as long as the family found an outside credential doctor that would enter the hospital to administer the medicine. Before the doctor had a chance to administer the drug, the appellate court intervened to stay the order.

Attorney Mueller (founder and general counsel for the ACJL) then appealed to the WSC on a bypass request. But the court declined to hear the case so the case went back to the appellate court. John died thereafter.

The issue brought up during Mueller’s press release was “Whether the circuit court had the authority to intervene in a medical situation where the medical provider (the hospital system’s board of directors) said the requested treatment fell below the standard of care for patient safety.”

In January Karen Mueller (Chippewa Falls) will be again presenting her case, but this time, before the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

JoAnn Utphall


Letter to the Editor:

That guy Trump, what a card, huh? We thought we were patriots, but he treats us like patsies. $99 for a digital trading card of Donald as a superhero? Need a Christmas stocking stuffer? Buy it and become a supersucker. There’s also one of the guy in a dark business suit surrounded by gold bars. Seriously. In order to buy more of them, he accepts cash, credit or, best of all, the gold bars themselves. I don’t know how many different cards there are, but here is my best guess at a few: Trump as a Russian General surrounded by gold BARs, as the Grinch surrounded by gold bars, as a preacher surrounded by gold bars, as a playboy surrounded by gold Barbies , as a rapper surrounded by gold bars, as Scrooge surrounded by gold bars, as a border guard surrounded by gold barriers, as Mickey Mouse (something for the kids) surrounded by gold Barneys, as Jesus (takes 5 Jesus cards to trade for one superhero card) surrounded by gold matzo bars, and, finally, as a prison inmate surrounded by gold bars.  

Chuck Boyer

Wheeler, WI

Letter to the Editor: The year was 2014, the bill was Assembly Bill 177

It is 2022 and what has changed with the antiquated funding statutes of the Wisconsin Technical College System? Nothing as far as the funding statutes. What’s new with the TCS is that the 16 technical Colleges districts can now offer two-year Liberal Arts/Science Associate Degrees. I call that a Community College System. These two-year Associate Degrees are transferrable to the 13 UW System Colleges. You may remember that the UW System had two-year UW System Colleges across the state for these Associate degrees. The 16 Technical College Boards across the state are still appointed, NOT elected, and these boards still are borrowing millions every year with the local property taxpayers in these 16 districts getting the tab. It’s time to bring back Assembly Bill 177 and pass it this time. The following letter is what I wrote back in 2014:

Tech college tax wrong 

Recently, yet another committee has been formed called the Legislative Council Study Committee on the Review of Wisconsin Technical College System Funding and Governance. The chairman is John Nygren, R-Marinette. Nygren was a co-sponsor of Assembly Bill 177 in the last session. It would have required a binding referendum at statewide election time for you and me to finally have a voice in whether we want to move funding of the Wisconsin Technical College System to the state level and off the local property tax levy. Under the chairmanship of Rep. Steven Nass, R-Whitewater, the bill died in the Assembly Colleges and Universities Committee. Rep. Tom Larson, R-Colfax, was a co-sponsor of AB177. A co-chair of this new committee is Sen. Sheila Harsdorf, R-River Falls. 

I’m sure tech college officials across the state are lobbying legislators to keep the antiquated funding statutes in place. Their standard argument is local control, but to that I say technical college boards are appointed, not elected. This is taxation without representation. These local boards have the ability to borrow millions every year, with local property taxpayers getting the bill. The pursuit of public higher education is an individual choice. All funding of public higher education in Wisconsin belongs at the state level. Like I told members of Assembly Colleges and Universities Committee last October when I testified for AB 177; legislators represent all areas of the state; the buck stops with them.


Town of Colfax, Dunn County

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