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Letter’s to the Editor 10-26-2022

Moving Forward Together: Call for Citizenship

As the world’s oldest republic approaches its 250th birthday, many are openly wondering if our democratic system of government will survive to see that 2026 anniversary. New challenges to our economy, security, technology and education system seem to pop up on a daily basis.

Regrettably, the current American political landscape has not responded to these challenges with the collaboration and understanding needed to address such issues and solve the problems they have created but, rather, with ideological obstruction.

Wisconsin has been described as “point zero” for polarization. We are seeing this red-blue divide up and down the ballot with close races for Governor, U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and state Senate and Assembly races. Our candidates running for office are smart enough to know that one easy way to get your vote out is to polarize. While that might be the “smart” political thing to do, it is really not good for the long-term health of our political system, and certainly not good for governing. 

It’s awfully easy just to say “no” and simply take your ball and go home. But that’s not the Western Wisconsin way. To paraphrase the 20th century humorist H. L. Mencken – for every complex problem there’s at least one solution that’s simple, neat, and wrong. Indeed, obstructionism solves nothing. 

Thirty-five years ago, hundreds of our Western Wisconsin friends and neighbors across the political and ideological spectrums came together to work on a project known as “Western Wisconsin 2000” in an effort to diversify our economy and become less reliant on a single industry as we moved into the 21st century. Working together, we accomplished that goal.

At the same time elected officials from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois collaborated on a bipartisan basis to move legislation to address the myriad issues facing the Upper Mississippi River watershed. Again, working together, we were able to integrate and preserve the recreational, environmental and commercial uses of that watershed for future generations of Western Wisconsin residents.

Likewise, when extensive flooding occurred, in nine southern Wisconsin counties, working together, we marshalled the resources of local, county, state and federal agencies to assist with response and recovery efforts.

In short, we have a proud tradition of achieving progress in Western Wisconsin through connection and collaboration, not obstruction. 

That’s why, as the Nov 8th election approaches, we are writing to our many friends and neighbors in Wisconsin to encourage them to choose public servants who, as our Wisconsin state motto suggests, will move our state and its citizens “Forward” through connection and collaboration. Indeed, both our republic and its democratic system of government may well depend on electing people who possess and practice those qualities. Remember, when our democracy works, we can address the problems facing us. We can move beyond polarization to solutions. And, we can build a brighter future for everyone.

Steve Gunderson & 

Dale Schultz

Steve Gunderson and Dale Schultz are former Western Wisconsin legislators.

About Steve Gunderson: Steve was a Republican U.S. Representative representing Wisconsin’s 3rd congressional district from 1981-1997. He was a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly from the 91st district from 1975-1979.

About Dale Schultz: Dale was a Republican State Senator who represented Wisconsin’s 17th Senate District from 1991-2015. He was previously a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly from 1982-1991.

To the Editor:

The Monday after the fall decorations appeared on Main Street in Colfax I called the clerks office to find out if knew who put up the decorations. I was told the person to persons wanted to remain anonymous. So I am hoping they read the Messenger and see this. THANK YOU SO MUCH! It made me smile. I have herd so many good comments about the decorations.

The way the world is-it is nice to know there are still good people willing to do something for others (and not want credit for it). Thanks again for caring about us and our town Colfax.

Mona Thorson


To the Editor:

Coming up on Tuesday, November 8, is an opportunity and a duty to vote in an election that will have far-reaching effects, both nationally and locally.

Please understand the position of the candidates on the issues.

All citizens should want to make elections easier to vote in for eligible voters, not harder. Let common sense guide you in your choices. 

Your vote does count. Exercise your right.

Gary Stene


Letter to the Editor:

Eric Eggers (PragerU) summarized three areas of voter fraud. In 244 counties, across 29 states in the U.S.A. there were more registered voters than the number of legally eligible adults. Eight states have more registered voters than actual voting-age people in that state. Statistics from Pew Research Center show that 24 million voter registrations in the U.S. are invalid or significantly inaccurate and that three million people are registered to vote in more than one state. During an undercover investigation, 61 times out of 63 attempts, NY City detectives were successful at casting illegal ballots using a phony name. 

California legalized the practice of ballot harvesting – collection of ballots by third parties. This is one of the states that have more registered voters than legally eligible adults. There are organizations that were created specifically for this purpose. How do we know that a Democratic leaning organization isn’t destroying the ballots that are marked for Republicans or Republican leaning organizations isn’t destroying ballots for Democrats? Remember when Racine County Sheriff Schmaling investigated ballot harvesting in nursing homes after a daughter of one of the residents found out her mother (who is mentally incapable of voting) voted in the 2020 election.

Federal law prohibits non-citizens from voting. But in 11 states, state laws allow non-citizens voting of some kind. To get an ID card at local Wisconsin DMV offices, you need your naturalization or birth certificate, proof of identity (SS or Medicare card), and proof of residence (utility bill). If you don’t have these things, no problem; just bring what you have and fill out two forms. Can’t speak English; they have interpreters. If you don’t believe this, go to the DMV website.

If you believe that “elections are secure and safe,” you must believe that voter registration rolls are accurate and secure from fraudulent registrations and that no one is manipulating the results. About a year ago, I went through my local township’s 2020 voter rolls. Seventeen people were listed twice, over a hundred had moved away and 33 deceased people were still on the voter rolls. Lucky none of the deceased or those who moved away had voted. When I helped research other areas in Wisconsin to identify those who were deceased, moved or duplicates, I actually found two people in Kenosha who had used an alias name to vote.

JoAnn Utphall


Letter to the Editor:

A road sign along a highway reads “Smile, your mother was prolife” If you are reading this; then your mother also was prolife. This summer 500 women gathered at a meeting to thank their mothers who were raped, that they allowed them to live and give witness to the world. Why do some of our politicians want the Women’s Health Centers closed. Over 80 have been vandalized and no one arrested. These volunteers provide the needs of both mother and child for as long as needed at no expense to tax payers, unlike Planned Parenthood. A doctor being interview said he was paid $3,000 for the early stage of pregnancy and $5,000 for late term. After Texas passed the “Heart Beat Bill” the doctor on the news cast said that he was only able to perform 6 abortions instead of the 30 he had been doing each day. Do the math. Planned Parenthood released their number of abortions for last year as 380,000. This does not include the chemical ones. Women do have the right to their bodies. If their family doctor can’t help them, the St. Paul VI Institute doctors have a 95% success rate helping those who want a child or those wanting to delay having children. God gives each person created special talents to be used for the good of all.

Martha Erickson


Questions without answers:

America, I am confused, why are polls running so close in various Gubernatorial, Senate and Congressional elections, when the conditions created by these Democratic Administrations have bought devastation to our educational institutions, our retirement plans, our cities, and borders?

Oil prices, Inflation, local control of education, crime and chaos in the streets of our cities, open southern border, government corruption, and illegal drugs are just a few of the areas that are raging out of control.

JUSTICE for all? Why does BLM AND ANTIFA get passes and assistance from this administration while parents and MAGA people are named as threats against the nation by President Biden on numerous occasions?

Why does this geriatric, cognitively challenged, President, along with his son, his family, and Hillary Clinton get a pass from the FBI AND THE DOJ?

Climate change is a controversial topic that many professionals in that field say is non-existent, they are then labeled as Climate Skeptics and dismissed. Seldom is there a debate over actual data to support the Climate change philosophy. The Climate zealots learned their lesson with the first rallying cry of “Global Warming” when that position became indefensible, they renamed their cause “Climate Change” a broader term much harder to definitively critique, not unlike nailing jello to a wall. We are spending Trillions of dollars chasing an elusive, possibly non-existent foe.

Democratic Socialists of America is a Socialist organization which has elected several of its members to the US Congress and to many State House positions around the Nation. The DSA has been instrumental in authoring the Green New Deal. This Organization is calling for the abolition of Capitalism in the United States. This is an organization that is a political cancer on our government and schools. If it is left to flourish, we will become another failed Socialist state. Do your research on this organization on their website ( Obama was an endorsed DSA Presidential candidate.

All the changes on the above list have all occurred in Democratic enclaves or in the Nation in the last 18 Months

For the sake of this Nation please do your homework on the DSA, BLM and ANTIFA (who are they and who funds them) and why do they get a pass from our main stream press and the judicial system.

The goals of the Biden administration are to lower the standard of living in this country and create chaos, to fit this nation into their global vision of the world.

Make no mistake, the people pulling the strings of this administration (and that is not Biden) are not inept. They are very skilled in what they are doing and they are getting exactly the result they are looking for.

For the sake of your Nation, your children, your religion, your children’s education, and yourself please vote.


Gordon L. Smith

There is a Natural Law

What a man possesses rightfully is his, whether he be capitalist or laborer.  To strip any man of his rightful property in order to benefit others is against the natural law, and is consequently unjust.  It is for this reason that the Church is opposed to socialism.  It is not because She does not want to remedy the ills of poverty that She is opposed to socialism, but because its remedy is against the natural law.  Whatever is against the natural law will in the end work greater evil than the evil it sought to remedy.  If the rich may be deprived of their possessions to remedy poverty, so may the middle class and the industrious workman be deprived of their possessions to heal the poverty of those not so prosperous.  Soon this would destroy all ambition and foresight and bring about economic stagnation which eventually make the poor poorer.  To make the State a sort of universal provider would be not only to deprive a parent of his right and duty to provide for his own children and home, but would also reduce mankind to a level never intended by nature.  Society requires various grades of people in order to maintain itself.  Nature has fitted people with corresponding qualities.  Some excel in brains, some in strength, some in manual dexterity, and some in various other departments necessary for the well being of any social group.  The object of the government is not to deprive the governed of any natural right, but to aid them in its due exercise.

Having just written this paragraph on Natural Law, I feel it is necessary to point out that abortion is not a natural right.  It is unnatural, it is immoral, and it is evil.  

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