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Letters to the Editor 9-28-2022

Letter to the Editor:

Speakers at the recent Border Education Summit talked about the Mexican-US open borders.

First day in office, Biden signed an Executive Order (EO) that ended the emergency declaration on the border and halted any further border wall construction. Next border EO re-implemented the “catch and release” policy. The administration neglected to enforce the court ordered “Remain in Mexico” policy and refused to utilize the Title 42 public health protocols to deport illegals due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

As a result of this, millions of illegals (record breaking numbers) are crossing the border – more every month than the previous month. Border towns and states are overwhelmed. The local tax payers are paying for their food, shelter, health care, education, etc. Crime and drugs have drastically increased. Each day in the US, 300 people die from fentanyl poisoning. Ranchers are finding dead illegals on their land and fences are cut letting cattle out. Ranchers don’t feel safe on their own property, don’t let their children play outside or have sent them to live with relatives far from the border. With no vetting, how many of the illegals have a contagious disease? Are any of them terrorists? The border is the easiest way for Chinese, Russian or terroristic counties to send their spies and terrorist activists into the US.

Ken Cuccinelli (Center for Renewing America) promoted a plan for states to declare an invasion, to form an interstate compact and to defend their sovereign borders. US Rep. Chip Roy and 18 Texas counties have already declared it to be an invasion.

The constitution supersedes federal statue and states that the state governments are not helpless should the federal government fail to maintain a safe border. Each governor, as “commander in chief” of their National Guard (NG), can authorize the NG to work on securing the border and help keep residents safe. Governors also need to work with their state legislature to work on a “plan of action.”

Texas Rep. Chip Roy is focusing on the drug trafficking and is working to officially declare the cartels (who have total control over the drugs, human trafficking and immigration across our border) as Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

There is nothing humanitarian about the open border policy – immigrants drowning or dying in the dessert, women and children abuse along the way and cartels running drugs. Border security is national security.

JoAnn Utphall


Mr. DeWitt:

Thank you for your opinion on p. 2 about the decline in respect for the Christian religion. As a Christian myself, I am also tiring of all the negativity surrounding Christians. More and more we seem to be depicted as uneducated, unable to be objective or research the actual facts and make reasonable decisions. I appreciated your opinion – thank you.

On p. 8, the abortion access article was very one-sided. It portrayed an inaccurate and very negative picture of crisis pregnancy centers! As a news agency you should have invited a response from one of our local CPUs.

I have volunteered at one CPU and know how much good they do. I also had a roommate once who went through an abortion and suffered emotionally afterwards. I saw two close relatives give up their children for adoption, another molested and pregnant at 13 raised a fine young man to adulthood. I’ve seen all sides of unplanned pregnancies. My point is, abortion is only one option (and in my opinion, a horrendous one). Planned Parenthood makes big money on abortion, and was founded by a racist woman, Margaret Sanger who wanted to stop population growth, especially among women of color. CPCs promote women of all colors and faiths to sustain life. Some are able to provide housing assistance as well as clothing, counseling, adoption choices, etc. Women should consider ALL their options when they find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. And families should be notified – they WILL deal with the aftermath of any decision a young woman makes. Every choice has consequences.


Dorothy Plantz

Colfax, WI

Dear sirs,

We are writing in response to an article you printed in the Messenger concerning abortion and pregnancy centers. I serve on the board of our local pregnancy center, Options for Women Menomonie. The way you portrayed pregnancy centers is far from the truth. We offer a safe place for women to talk through difficult situations in a judgement free space. We create a relationship with our clients and support them so the choice for life can be possible. We have a Earn While You Learn program where women choose topics for example on pregnancy, parenting, life skills etc. that they wish to study and earn points to “purchase” baby clothes, diapers, baby equipment from our baby boutique. Our clients continue to come after their babies are born to receive ongoing support. We come along side them to help them parent well. We also offer grief support for women who have lost a baby through miscarriage, stillborn, abortion, etc. I don’t know if it is related, but this evening we received a threatening message to close our health center. Our heart and focus is to help women facing an unplanned pregnancy. We are very disappointed in you for printing such a misleading article. Please set this straight. Next week, give equal space to what pregnancy centers do and how blessed Dunn County is to have a pregnancy center in our area.


Peter & Debbie McHenry

Letter to the Editor:

I tell you this guy Ron DeSantis is proving himself a politician’s politician. Clever, savvy, decisive, he has all the tools others can only wish for. For example, this Martha Vineyard’s business, talk about owning the libs! 

The federal government gave Florida millions in covid relief funds which, of course, was collected from U.S. taxpayers, probably split about 50/50 between liberals and conservatives. The Florida legislature set aside $12 million of the interest earned from that U.S. taxpayer funded money for the relocation of migrants from Florida to elsewhere. 

Now here’s where Ron gets incredibly inventive: since there are few migrants in Florida to relocate elsewhere, he needs to acquire some. Bingo! Texas! Pick up some migrants in San Antonio, bring them to Florida, then relocate them to somewhere else, like dump them off in some liberal enclave and OWN THE LIBS. You say “Brilliant”. But wait, he’s not done by a long shot. 

The state contracts with a Florida company, Vertol Systems, to implement the plan: flying 48 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard via Florida for $615,000 of that U.S. taxpayer funded dough set aside for migrant relocation. Remember, about half that money comes from liberals. So Ron used their own tax dollars to punk themselves. We are talking true moxie. We are talking irony beyond ironies. But wait! He’s still not done. 

Vertol and its executives are also reliable donors to Florida Republicans including Matt Goetz and a Friends of Ron PAC . Obviously the Florida company will be very grateful for the swag (and a second mysterious payment of $950,000) and will undoubtedly be extra generous when it comes time to donate some of it to support Ron’s political ambitions. So wily Ron will end up with a piece of the liberal portion of the taxpayer-supported covid relief funds in his own campaign account. Which he will use against liberal opponents. That’s the trifecta of lib-owning. 

 Bottom line: Ron really knows his way around the system. His skills are Machiavellian genius.  This guy’s got a future. And it’s up to us voters to see how far he ends up going.

Chuck Boyer

Wheeler, WI

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