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Letters to the Editor 8-10-2022

Letter to the Editor-Let’s talk about the Boomer generation

You can’t hardly go a week about hearing or reading about the Boomer generation and its effects on society. When we were in our working years, there wasn’t any problems basically with the workforce related to shortages, lack of skills for the most part. I don’t know if they thought we would all die before our retirement and not put a burden on society. It’s not that someone couldn’t see down the road that we were not going to work forever. There are people in this country that it is their job to forecast coming events in this country. Now that we are retiring and the numbers are substantial, we are much older and need more healthcare and many of us are in the demographic of retired seniors living on fixed incomes.

When it comes to education in this state, it is mandatory that we support the K-12 educations system by law. For those of us that are fortunate to own a home, a large part of our property taxes is local school district support. Higher education is a different ballgame. The pursuit of all public or private higher education is completely an individual choice, it’s not mandatory. One can argue it is needed, but it’s not mandatory. The Wisconsin Technical College System is public higher education. Due to the antiquated funding statutes created before the Vietnam War was over. The Tech College System is supported by property taxpayers in their 16 respective districts. For those of you that have the mindset of Vocational Technical training skills and what it was years ago, you need to look at what the TCS is now. Through the advancement of technology and what I call “mission creep” of the TCS the reality is much different. While the TCS still offers skills development, it now can offer two-year Liberal Arts/Science Associate Degrees. In the past the UW system had a two-year system for this purpose. While the state’s UW System answers to the Governor and the Legislature, not true with the Tech College system. After all these years, it’s time to move the funding of the TCS to the state level and off the local property taxpayers’ backs. Funding of the Tech College System needs to be the same as the UW System. In my book the Technical College System is now a Community College System. By moving the funding to the state level, there will be direct representation by the Governor and the Legislature. This will eliminate the millions yearly that the TCS borrows by appointed boards, and not elected boards. Plus, efficiencies may be created by having transparency, accountability, and stewardship. In the past it has been talked about raising the sales tax as Wisconsin is low compared to the surrounding states. Hell, it would be nice for out-of-staters to support education in this state. And don’t forget, the state Dept. of Workforce Development is another source of funding for higher education skills. This department is deeply involved in the state’s workforce development. This was not the case years ago. I’m sure we Boomers, and others as well, would appreciate a little help in this time of high inflation and rising costs for everything. The reality today hasn’t changed. Public higher education is not mandatory, and the state is sitting on billions of dollars in surplus. Go figure.

Terry Nichols 

Town of Colfax

Letter to the Editor:

Over the years there have been a variety of election integrity information, reports, documentaries and movies. In 2008, “Stealing America: Vote by Vote”, in 2012, “Electoral Dysfunction,” in 2006 “Hacking Democracy,” in 2008 “Uncounted: The New Math of America,” – to name a few oldies.

More recently, the documentaries, “2000 Mules,” “Rigged,” “Kill Chain: The Cyber War on American Elections,” “Absolute Proof,” “Cyber Symposium,” “2020 Election Investigation Documentary: Who’s Stealing America? (The Epoch Times),”  “Absolute Interference,” “The Plot to Steal America,” “Deep Rig,” “Is Voter Fraud Real?” “The Plot Against the President,” “Reawakening Docuseries,” etc.

Retired WI Supreme Court Justice, Mike Gableman headed the election integrity investigation and has released a number of reports and presented this information at numerous Wisconsin government hearings.

In July, the Wisconsin Supreme court ruled that ballot boxes were illegal. Recently, in Racine, a $222,000 mobile RV ballot drop box (paid for by Zuckerberg) was identified and which was intended to be used to collect absentee ballots for this election cycle. The Racine County Sheriff was notified and is investigating. 

The Racine County Sheriff (and other sheriffs) continues to work with True the Vote to hold the illegal ballot trafficking mules accountable. True the Vote’s next- level dynamic election fraud announcement will be August 12th.

In the 2020 election, WEC advised Clerks to break Wisconsin state law by curing ballot envelopes that were missing a name, signature and address of the voter and witness. A lawsuit has been filed in Waukesha County to stop this illegal practice.

According to Jefferson Davis, due to election fraud, there are some pathways to reclaim Wisconsin’s ten Electors from the 2020 Election. They are as follows: 1. Extraordinary Session provided for by the Constitution, 2. Circuit Court through nullification with Wisconsin State Statute 783.03, 3. Working with the Clerks on decertifying their certification of their election results that were affected by election fraud with Wisconsin State Statute 7.70. Over the last 30 years, at least 20 election fraud cases nationwide have been remedied by declaring the rightful winner or ordering a do-over. 

Rep. Ramthun and Rep. Cambellsport co-sponsoring a bill (LRB 6371) to Reclaim Wisconsin’s 10 Electors from 2020.  Even Justice Gableman has recommends reclaiming the Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes.

JoAnn Utphall


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