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Letters to the Editor 8-3-2022

The Cost of Clean Water

They’re not projects most people get excited about. But without upgrades to municipal wastewater treatment plants and Community Drinking Water systems, we’d be in trouble. In the 1800’s, illness from contaminated drinking water was a leading cause of death in Western Wisconsin and around the country.

In my years supervising DNR Environmental Loans engineers in western Wisconsin we provided communities with millions of dollars in low cost loans for their water systems. The money comes from Wisconsin’s Environmental Improvement Fund, a direct product of the federal Clean Water Act, passed 50 years ago. I had a chance to visit water treatment plants and celebrate projects in Eau Claire, Bloomer, Arcadia, and several other communities. In recent years, the fund has provided loans including $11m each for Eau Claire and Menomonie, $12m for Hudson, $3.5m for Bloomer, $6m for Augusta, $74m for La Crosse, and $80m for Wausau. On top of that, add $75m for lead line replacements around the state.

Passed in an era when rivers burned and frothed with industrial and municipal waste discharges, the goal of the Clean Water Act was to make all our lakes, rivers and streams fishable and swimmable. The impact it’s had on public health and the quality of our lives is clearly cause for celebration. We celebrate all those who recognize the importance of clean water and dedicate their professional careers and tax dollars to protect it.

There’s still plenty to do as we work with ag producers to reduce nitrates in our drinking water and reduce run-off from fields to combat Blue-green algae. We need national standards to deal with emerging contaminants such as PFAs. When it comes to clean water, it’s best to act before we pay the cost in terms of human lives.

Bruce Neeb

Eau Claire

Letter to the Editor:

Sometimes the truth is brutal, but that is no reason to bury it, ignore it, lie about it, or deny it. Doing so makes it possible to degrade and dehumanize people, such as was done with slavery. It also makes it possible to murder people on a massive scale as happened in Nazi Germany and is happening today with the abortion industry.

I simply cannot understand how so many good people can completely ignore, or even support, the deaths of millions of innocent babies living in their mother’s womb.

When a woman chooses abortion, her baby dies a savagely cruel death. The baby screams from the first moment and fights to get away from the pain and violence. The screams are silenced by the amniotic fluid. Once the abortion is complete, the body parts are disposed of by various callous means, completely disregarding that this was a human life.

When people say they support a woman’s right to choose, this what they actually support. It is why they limit their words – to avoid the truth and let the public live in denial about what is actually happening. And it has worked well enough to make possible over 60 million abortions.

Today’s pro-life Christians are considered domestic terrorists by the people in power who support abortion. 

Ann Norton

To the Editor:

Hunter Biden is in the news again. If the “laptop from Hell” wasn’t bad enough, recently Hunter’s “cloud” was hacked and leaked to 4chan. One video shows Hunter communicating with a prostitute who had delivered cocaine to him. He sent another video of a man and woman having intercourse to his father, (code name, Pedo Peter). Another video is of Hunter nude at a treatment center, drinking and doing cocaine.

During the Obama presidency, Hunter routinely ordered escorts from UberCFE (exclusive model agency, based in Kyiv, Ukraine). VPJoe Biden transferred money to Hunter to pay for these “escorts.” Eleven times Eva (primary contact at UberCFE) directed Hunter to make payments to bank accounts that were linked to Russian email accounts. During this time, $7 billion dollars went missing in the Ukraine with absolutely no trail of where the money went to.

JPMorgan Chase filed numerous Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) on Hunter. One particular $150,000 transaction was linked to recipients that had potential association with prostitution or were listed in prior SAR filings linked to human trafficking.  Currently the US Treasury is not providing the Senate Oversight committee copies of the SAR on Hunter.

Through October Biden will continues to sell a million barrels of oil per day from the US Strategic Reserve; recently selling a million barrels of oil to a Chinese company, Sinopec (arm of the CCP which Hunter owns 10% of the company’s shares).  While our strategic reserves are declining, China’s reserves have increased from 826 to 869 million barrels.

Just two weeks ago, FBI Director, Christopher Ray spoke at a conference in London, “We consistently see that it’s the Chinese government that poses the biggest long-term threat to our economic and national security… in addition to traditional and cyber-enabled thievery, there are even more insidious tactics they’ll use to essentially walk through your front door –and then rob you.  The Chinese government does this by making investments and creating partnerships that position their proxies to steal valuable technology.”

Our Federal government is blind when it comes to Hunter’s illegal activity, and Biden’s questionable foreign dealings (Chinese, Ukraine, etc.). How compromised is Joe? This needs to be investigated. Hunter gets by with things any ordinary person would be in prison for. Double standards are evidence of the corruption in our government.

For many more examples see The Blaze’s “Criminal Cronies:  The Never Ending Trail of Biden Family Corruption.”

JoAnn Utphall


Womens’ Sports Are Endangered

Billy Jean King was interviewed on N.B.C. on June 22, 2022. She spoke of the difficulties she battled as a female athlete at the time.

Today, 44% of college athletes are women. They face different challenges especially as the transgender females are intruding.

The average female transgender retains their physique, and has much more strength and endurance than the average female counterpart. This puts girls and women in every sport at a great disadvantage.

In 1972, Title IX was made law to protect females against discrimination in education programs or activities that receive federal funding, including sports. This means that federaily-funded public schools are legally required to provide girls and boys with equitable sports opportunities.

Why aren’t the mandates being followed? Why are biological young men who take hormone treatment now allowed to compete with biological young women? The incidence of women competing against men is virtually non-existent. Are there not distinct physiological differences between a biological man and woman? Can you imagine competing with someone who towers over you, has a completely different build, and is much more muscular? It would be overwhelming’

We should have separate categories for men and women. This used to be common sense. We cannot lose the ground women have gained through Title IX.

Deanne Sczepanski


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