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Letters to the Editor 6-29-2022

To the Editor:

Recently there has been controversary about the lipid nanoparticle Covid vaccines.  Dr. Richard Urso (Co-founder, International Alliance of Physicians & Medical Scientists) stated “A normal vaccine stays in the arm, pretty much… 99.9 percent. … A large majority of the lipid nanoparticle does not stay in the arm.  In fact, we now know that a large part of it goes into the lymph node.”  He goes on to say it is much easier for the new Covid vaccines to migrate through the body than it was for the old fashion vaccines. 

Old-fashion normal vaccines stay in the arm and only last in the body for short periods of time.  The lipid nanoparticle Covid vaccines don’t act this way and have been found in the body 15 months later throughout the body, which raises the risk of various cancers.  These nanoparticles have been found in lymph nodes, brain, ovaries, bone marrow, adrenal glands, liver, spleen and even in the basal ganglia (found in the brain) that is responsible for many important functions.

The lipid nanoparticle in the mRNA block important receptors and tumor repair genes. According to insurance statistics, during the last year, death rates among working-age people (18 to 64 years old) are up 40 percent over the previous year.  People, aged 25 to 44 years old, have experienced an 82% increase in excess mortality.  

According to Dr. Urso, “Some viruses (including Covid), after initial infection, remain latent in the body for a lifetime and may reactivate to cause infection again or a different condition. These kinds of latent viruses are being reactivated in a large number of people following their booster Covid-19 shots, causing symptoms of Long Covid and other health conditions.”  Long Covid is explained as a condition where people experience ongoing, recurring, or new health problems weeks to months after first being infected with SARS-CoV-2.  Symptoms may include shortness of breath, brain fog, fatigue, chest pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc.

JoAnn Utphall


Letter to the Editor:

Although I did not wish to have to write a letter to the Editor, it has become seemingly necessary to try to quell what is currently occurring to my family in Boyceville. I will begin by stating I was the Municipal Court Judge in the Village of Boyceville for 18 years. I was unaware of any issues with the service I provided until recently. I thought I was performing well, and that the community agreed. I had won all six of the elections I had signed up for, and two more as a write-in after I chose to no longer run for the position. I was asked by the Village to fulfill those write-in terms also, to which I unfortunately agreed.

Apparently, some drama developed very late which upset people reference my perceived decisions. I use the term perceived decisions because those who are angry seemingly are not aware they are angry about a decision I never made. I wish to mention two incidents in question and hopefully explain what actually occurred and clear the air.

Why do I feel this is necessary? Firstly, the community deserves to know the facts. Secondly, my family is being attacked in the community based upon misunderstandings or incorrect knowledge. I will not use the names of anyone else involved, as that is not necessary, nor is it fair to them.

A few years ago, my parents were approached with some complaints in their church reference a junk ordinance issue. I was angered because the very same complaints were never brought to my attention. Apparently, it is easier to complain to the elderly. Although it bothered me greatly, my parents appeared to take the criticism with a grain of salt, so I too allowed it to go unapproached.

Recently however, my adult children have begun to feel the sting of the community. They have been told how I, “f**ked the community” and that I was a piece of feces, to put it kindly. That is only two of the questionable conversations as I understand there have been more. This has driven me to respond with a lesson in civics, so to speak.

I no longer reside in Boyceville, and I don’t follow the news that is generated from there. Until these attacks on my children, I guess I simply wasn’t interested in what was occurring there either. However, there is a current, and apparently ongoing issue, resulting in a personal attack on me reference a village junk ordinance and how I supposedly handled it a few years ago.

My Court heard multiple junk ordinance citations and the ordinance was upheld in every instance for several years. However, when the last citation I dealt with was brought forward to a first appearance, the landscape of the ordinance was changed. At that appearance, the citation was not heard. The citizen was referred to the Village Attorney for a Pre-Trial Conference and a trial was scheduled to decide the issue if they could not come to an agreement.

A Pre-Trial Conference is commonplace, part of Due Process, and something that had been done several times with various defendants throughout the years. The referral is completed to allow the Village Attorney an opportunity to discuss the citation, possibly settle with an agreement, and definitely to develop a plan. The idea is to not simply just fine or punish a person, but to also correct the problem and to lay out expectations and make a plan for the future to ensure the issue does not repeat itself.

This time a newly hired Village Attorney reviewed the citation and indicated they had found issues with the ordinance itself. They did not believe it was prosecutable as written, and if it was prosecuted and the defendant was convicted, the conviction would be overturned in the appeals process. In fact, they believed that in order for the citation to be upheld it would be necessary to cite every person in the community in violation by the letter of the ordinance.

The letter of this ordinance was explained to the Court as being necessary to write citations for every boat, trailer, camper, piece of equipment, and full sized long boxed crew cabbed pickup within the village limits that was either more than 20 feet in length itself, or more than 20 feet in length when combined with its tow vehicle. Furthermore, the violation would have to be continuously cited, perhaps on a weekly basis, until the item was garaged or removed from the community all together.

I think anyone reading this would believe it was not the intent of the ordinance to be upheld as such.  It was intended to focus on junk and trash, not items worth tens of thousands of dollars, which were not an eyesore.

The Village Attorney, who is an employee of the Village and is not connected with any other prosecuting office, indicated they would not prosecute the citation in question. Additionally, he would not prosecute any more of the junk ordinance violations until the ordinance was rewritten to what he believed to be the correct wording.

Local law enforcement and the previous Village President were notified and told the ordinance needed to be rewritten. It would have literally taken an hours’ worth of an attorney’s time. This never occurred; therefore, no more citations, if they were to have been written, would have been prosecuted. In fact, none were ever written that I was aware of for the remainder of my term.

So, for anyone who feels it necessary to attack me through my children, you need to understand that the original citation in question was not prosecuted by the Village Attorney, and was never heard by the Municipal Court of Boyceville. Ever. Had you wanted to know, you could have asked the Clerk or the Court itself. I am unsure if you were misled elsewhere or simply assumed, but a Court can’t decide on what it hasn’t heard.

I have been told relatively recently the citation was not heard because I was protecting a childhood friend. This is absolute hogwash, and the attack on my character is painfully invalid and short sighted. I am offended, to say the least, as I have dedicated my career to making difficult decisions fairly and without prejudice in any way. In fact, I believe my childhood friends would agree and tell you the same.

None of those complaining to my family ever asked for an explanation. Instead, there is blind and uneducated drama which is absolutely shameful as it has directed unnecessary and unacceptable slander toward me, through the ears of my kids and parents.

If you were told anything else other than what I have explained in this writing, you were not told the truth. It is as simple as that fact.

In a second incident, the police wrote a citation to a village resident reference an existing water well ordinance issue. That resident exercised their right and asked for a Pre-Trial Conference with the Village Attorney. In their meeting, the Village Attorney and the resident came to an agreement and a settlement. In fact, a contract was drawn with the agreement in writing.

The Village President at that time did not like the agreement and contract and he ordered the police to reissue the citation. If anyone is wondering about the validity of that process, I can tell you that you can rest assured that it was not only simply inappropriate, but it flies in the face of Due Process, the Constitution of the United States, could be construed as bullying, and I believe embarrassingly inappropriate.

In the Court hearing on the new citation, the resident provided the agreement to the Court. It was valid and in good standing. During the hearing, yet another new Village Attorney indicated he was not aware of the agreement in place, and he too believed it was valid and just. He noted had he known about the agreement, he would have not prosecuted the new citation.

The new citation was dismissed; however, before the decision was made by the Court, testimony was taken from the Village President. This testimony was not evidence. It was a direct attempt to intimidate the Court to do as he wished, as he demanded, quite visibly angrily, that I enforce the ordinance and ignore the agreement.

Less than two weeks later, I was removed from the bench. I was told it was because I was no longer a resident of the Village of Boyceville. Me having moved from Boyceville was a fact that was known to the Village for several months and it had been spoken that I would finish out the year and a new election would replace me. It was never an issue, in fact, I was asked to actually remain in the position until my term was served completely. It became an issue when the Village President didn’t like my decision in the well water hearing.

In the 18 years I was there, I tried to be effective and not be a financial burden on the community. I was told I was the lowest paid Municipal Court Judge in the State of Wisconsin. I withheld over $6000 in charges I was entitled too, which doesn’t include the mileage to the jail on the multiple visits I made. I actually returned from vacations to attend to issues and used vacation time from my regular job to make myself available for the community and the position’s responsibilities.

I tried to serve using common sense mixed well with an understanding of the law and Due Process. The thank you I received when I was released from my duties was an outright refusal by the Village President to pay me for my last two months of service because I didn’t mold to his agenda. I made a request to the village hall for payment but was told they were directed to not pay me.

So yes, the Village owes me for two months of pay which I earned, and I do not believe I should have to pay an attorney to collect through the Courts and a lawsuit. But to add insult to injury, now my children are being told how much I resemble a piece of feces.

I understand everyone is entitled to an opinion. I just wish it was an educated opinion. But when my family is being attacked, it saddens me. I’m sorry, but for a few you and your behaviors, I am ashamed for you. Perhaps Boyceville as a community should be embarrassed as well.

In regard,

Bradley Erickson

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