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Letter to the Editor 4-27-2022

To the Editor:

To see a bizarre report from the Mexican/US border, watch Benny Johnson’s (on Facebook) interview with a border reporter, Ben Bergquam (Real America’s Voice).  Bergquam and his crew frequently visit the border.  Usually they check in with Border Patrolmen (BP) but they did not encounter any BP on this particular day.

Bergquam and crew had driven on this road many times.  There’s not much of a border wall here in this rural farmland area. Shortly after going through the open gate, they interviewed a large group of illegal adult male immigrants waiting for the BP to come back to process them.  Earlier that day BP had taken the women and children for processing.  The group had the option to wait, go back to Mexico or casually walk into the US. 

Bergquam collects evidence besides interviewing and videotaping.  He has learned that the illegals are coached to throw away their IDs at the border.  A person without ID is much more likely to get into the US than one with ID.  That way an individual with a criminal record in whatever of the 150 countries that he/she originates from, can use an alias name.  Bergquam has hundreds of discarded IDs, backpacks, clothes, carpet shoes (warn over their shoes so that no tracks are left). 

This visit was different.  When they got back to the gate, it was closed.  As they approached the gate, their vehicle was surrounded by a total of seven vehicles and a helicopter was circling above.  The BP drew their guns, surrounded the vehicle, removed them from the vehicle at gun point and handcuffed them.  This would be classified as a felony stop, where they suspect the situation could turn violent.  They were told that they were stopped because they looked suspicious.  After about a half an hour they were released.  This happened as about 60 illegal male immigrants stood there watching (waiting for the BP to come back to process them).

JoAnn Utphall


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