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Glenhaven Happenings – 4-6-22

March 26th-April 1st, 2022

Finally April! Finally some sun and warmth after a very long week of below average temps and gloomy skies (not to mention the snow and ice; really, do NOT mention it). 

Our Monday started as usual: exercise and coffee time. Then, we played Name That Tune. It was exactly what this Monday called for. The songs got all of us in a good mood. Willard and Beverlye were the grand winners, knowing most of the song titles. Chuck thought I was actually singing (I won’t tell, if you don’t tell) and kept yelling, “Sing some more! You sing good!” All of the residents were smiling and having fun. Marian and I did a wheelchair two-step, which she enjoyed immensely. Monday afternoon, we filled Easter eggs for the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Holy Cross. The residents were busy making sure that each egg had an equal amount of candy pieces. 

Tuesday we travelled to Scotland. Our documentary was about the best places to visit, including popular and mythical landmarks. For lunch, the chef made Shepard’s Pie to complement our theme. In the morning, we did Breakfast Trivia. Household D tried to close the point gap; Household E managed to   maintain their lead. Exercises consisted of isometric stretching and range of motion. We ended with kickball. 

On Wednesday, we all felt the weariness of the weather. However, Jen, the beautician, brought glamour and beauty to an otherwise dreary morning. Over coffee time, the residents and I shared stories of different bird experiences. We began talking about robins; then Beverlye said she had not seen a cardinal all season. That lead to me telling them I saw a blue jay outside my living room window, sitting in the tree. And somehow, owls got mentioned. I shared a story with all about a huge barn owl that lived in our pole barn in Texas. I thought it was one of the barn cats that had made its way onto the roof. So, I was calling out, “How did you get up there? Come here, kitty. Meow, meow, meow.” Then the barn owl took flight right over my head and I realized I needed glasses. Beverlye and Donna laughed so hard they had tears running down their cheeks. Everyone thought that was a hilarious story. BINGO was played in the afternoon with TWO big winners at the end.

Thursday began with Breakfast Trivia. Our topic: clichés. It was truly a battle for the ages, folks. So many correct responses, so many participants. In the end, Household D won the month by a point, 60-59. For exercises, we played our own version of Dodgeball. I was seated in the middle of the circle. I would bounce a ball to a resident which they had to catch it and try to throw it back to me or at me. (Cherrie has a pretty good arm and great aim, ouch.) Emma laughed every time I got nailed with the ball. We had a blast though. Coffee time was our cool down and we discussed current events. In the afternoon, the residents played tabletop shuffleboard. Oh Mylanta, where have I been that I had not played this before? The residents sincerely enjoyed playing. And, they were good; calculating and strong! Marilyn proclaimed that exercises helped, as she continuously pushed the pucks off the end of the table. (might be time for a longer table)

Friday we did nothing…April Fool’s! We actually began with the parachute and ball. It took several tries, but we were able to get the parachute tight enough to “bounce” the ball. A great arm and shoulder workout. Since it was the first Friday of the month, we had Resident Council. Madame President presided over the meeting which discusses how the residents perceive their care within the facility. A good turnout and positive, honest conversations; a successful meeting once again. We ended our Friday and our week with popcorn and a movie. By request, and unanimous consent, Braveheart won the pick.

All in all it was a wonderful week spent with wonderful people. Still wishing for the days when I can write about our outside activities. Soon. Enjoy the week!

Sandy Wilsnach, 

Activity Director 

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