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Letter to the Editor 3-16-2022

To the Editor:

During a recent district training session in the Eau Claire Area School District (ECASD) presentation, it was presented that parents are not automatically entitled to know their kids gender identity and that the knowledge of their child’s identity must be earned by the parent.

The ECASD board candidates Nicole Everson, Corey Cronrath and Melissa Winter issued a statement, “We are appalled that ECASD would display such blatant disregard for the parents and guardians of our community’s children. We are equally dismayed that current school district leadership would pressure teachers into breaking a social contract that we all know and understand—that parents and guardians hold primary responsibility and decision making for the welfare and care of their children.”

The ECASD Superintendent issued a statement in response to this situation, “asserting the district is upholding its responsibility to maintain an educational environment that is “equitable, safe and inclusive for all students.” 

Some parents argue that the school’s commitment to “equity and inclusiveness” does not give the educators the right to hide important information from the parents and guardians.

A case is now pending in front of the Wisconsin Supreme Court against a Madison Metropolitan School District’s policy which allowed children of any age to transition to a different gender identity at school without a parent’s consent.  A Wisconsin Spotlight news article states, “The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty and the Alliance Defending Freedom filed the lawsuit on behalf of a group of parents challenging the gender identity policy that violates the rights of parents to make important healthcare decisions on their children’s behalf.”

Recently the Wisconsin Republican-led Legislature passed a “Parental Bill of Rights” that would prohibit school policies from infringing on a parent’s or guardian’s role as the primary caregiver of their child.  Gov. Evers is expected to veto this bill.

JoAnn Utphall


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