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LTE – Gary Stene – 10-31-2018

Election day is approaching for all of us, and it is the great and only opportunity for the public to have an impact on how and where our government is going.

To overcome the obscene amount of money being spent to influence our voting, we have certain things we can do to make an intelligent choice in the election.

Find out all you can about the candidates — their views on the issues; their votes if they are in office (pay attention to what they do and not what they say). Do they reflect your values? Make an effort to education yourselves. Do research. Look up the candidates. Find the truth.

I believe this election is one of the most important in my lifetime. Elections should be determined by voters and not monied special interests. Make every effort to vote, and help others to get to the polls if they need help.

Democracy is a contact sport. Get out. Vote. Participate.

Every vote counts.

Gary Stene

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