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Mounders cross country runner Alana Plaszcz breaks school record in Osseo; Vikings finish strong at Chippewa Falls

By Amber Hayden

DURAND — Elk Mound and Colfax cross country teams traveled to Durand on September 24 to make up the meet that had been postponed due to rain.

The Mounder boys took a third-place finish while the girls captured first, both of Colfax’s teams had sixth place finishes.

Elk Mound then traveled to Osseo-Fairchild in their second to last meet of the season last Thursday where girls again took top honors with the boys taking second. Mounders’ senior runner Alana Plaszcz broke the girls’ school record at the Osseo-Fairchild meet, a feat she has been striving to do all season.

Colfax also competed in a second competition last week, going to Chippewa Falls on Thursday, September 27. The Viking boys had their strongest finish of the season taking third. Colfax’s girls placed third.

Durand Invitational

The Elk Mound and Colfax cross country teams made the journey to Durand September 24 after having the meet postponed the previous week due to the rain.

“It was a great day for a cross country race, all the teams ran extremely well,” stated assistant coach Hazen, “we had four boys and four girls finish in the top 15.”

The Mounder boys team finished in third place with 84 points with Durand and Altoona finishing just ahead of the boys in the one and two spots.

Cade Hanson and Andrew Pathos finished with great times in second and fourth position crossing the line with times of 17:33.7 and 18:19.8.

Crossing next for the Mounders was runner Seth Hazen in tenth place with a time of 19:00.0 and hot on Hazen’s heels was freshmen Lukas Wagner with a time of 19:06.9 for a twelfth place finish.

Brady Hunsnucker finished in 56th place for the Mounders with a time of 20:47.8. Following behind in 60th place was Carter Sundeen with a time of 20:58.3 and Brennen Zais in 65th place with a time of 21:11.4.

The Mounder girls fared a little better with a first place team finish in front of Durand and Westby who finished second and third at the invitational.

Alana Plaszcz and Danielle Olson were the first two Mounder girls across the line with times of 21:55.4 and 22:10.4 finishing in third and sixth place.

Also finishing in the top 15 were runners Victoria Fasbender and Kirstin Martinson in 12th and 13th place with times of 22:56.1 and 23:18.3.

Olivia Schreiber finished in 24th place for the Elk Mound team with a time of 24:06.9. Finishing a little over a minute later was Paige Romanowski with a time of 25:26.1 for 42nd place and in 49th place was Mounder runner Taya Schaefer with a time of 25:51.7.

“We had a lot of people run well but others struggled,” head coach Joe Doucette stated, “our boys had probably their best overall performance but the girls were much better in Rice Lake.”

The Colfax girls and boys both took a sixth place finishes September 24.

The Lady Vikes were missing Jilly Bowe and Erica Kallstrom was suffering knee issues explained coach Doucette.

Jasmine Best won her second straight medal for Colfax with an 8th place finish and a time of 22:24.8, hanging in to finish in 22nd place was Erica Kallstrom with a time of 22:59.7.

“Erica hung in there and finished, but we have to get her healthy,” commented Doucette.

Hailey Prince and Juelia Berger were next across the line for the Vikes finishing in 36th and 45th place with times of 24:46.6 and 25:41.3.

Crossing the finish line in 46th place was runner Emilee Burcham-Scofield with a time of 25:46.9 and in 68th place was freshmen Jenna Goodell with a time of 28:47.5.

The Colfax boys finished with 171 points on a deceptively tough course according to Doucette.

Brothers Luke and Noah Heidorn finished in 17th and 27th place for the Colfax team with times of 19:22.9 and 19:54.2.

“Luke is super consistent we would love to see him medal one of these meets,” said coach Doucette.

Finishing next was runner Trevor Rathbauer in 33rd place with a time of 20:08.3 and hot on his heels was Dennis Sonnentag with a time of 20:29.1 in 42nd place.

Sawyer Best and Tristan Lenz rounded out the Vikings team with times of 20:42.0 and 25:05.3 for 52nd and 92nd place.

“Overall we have great kids who show up everyday and work hard,” stated coach Doucette, “We only have two regular season meets left and we are looking to really improve.”

BOYS TEAM RESULTS: 1. Durand 55, 2. Altoona 84, 3. Elk Mound 84, 4. Ellsworth 117, 5. Westby 125, 6. Colfax 171, 8. Cochrane-Fountain City 194, 9. Somerset 200, 10. Immanuel Lutheran 209, 11. Boyceville 220, 12. Fall Creek 274.

ELK MOUND BOYS INDIVIDUAL RESULTS: 2. Cade Hanson 17:33.7, 4. Andrew Pathos 18:19.8, 10. Seth Hazen 19:00.0, 12. Lukas Wagner 19:06.9, 56. Brady Hunsnucker 20:47.8, 60. Carter Sundeen 20:58.3, 65. Brennen Zais 21:11.4.

COLFAX BOYS INDIVIDUAL RESULTS: 17. Luke Heidorn 19:22.9, 27. Noah Heidorn 19:54.2, 33. Trevor Rothbauer 20:08.3, 42. Dennis Sonnentag 20:29.1, 52. Sawyer Best 20:42.0, 92. Tristan Lenz 25:05.3.

GIRLS TEAM RESULTS: 1. Elk Mound 58, 2. Durand 80, 3. Westby 132, 4. Altoona 140, 5. Prescott 147, 6. Colfax 157, 7. Somerset 160, 8. Fall Creek 187, 9. Kickapoo/La Farge 190, 10. Ellsworth 198, 11. Cochrane-Fountain City 217.

COLFAX GIRLS INDIVIDUAL RESULTS: 8. Jasmine Best 22:24.8, 22. Erica Kallstrom 23:59.7, 36. Hailey Prince 24:46.6, 45. Juelia Berger 25:41.3, 46. Emilee Burcham-Scofield 25:46.9, 68. Jenna Goodell 28:47.5.

ELK MOUND GIRLS INDIVIDUAL RESULTS: 3. Alana Plaszcz 21:55.4, 6. Danielle Olson  22:10.4, 12. Victoria Fasbender 22:56.1, 13. Kirstin Martinson 23:18.3, 24. Olivia Schreiber 24:06.9, 42. Paige Romanowski 25:26.1, 49. Taya Schaefer 25:51.7.

Osseo-Fairchild Invitational (Elk Mound)

The Mounders cross country team journeyed to Osseo September 27 and walked away with the girls in first place and the boys finishing second after the tiebreaker.

“There were numerous personal bests after a tough week of practice,” commented head coach Jeremiah Fredrickson, “the boys and girls got under our lettering standards time of 20 and 24 minutes.”

Alana Plaszcz set her sights on breaking the Mounders’ school record and accomplished that in Osseo with a time of 20:14.5 and a third place finish.

Crossing next for Elk Mound were runners Kristin Martinson and Danielle Olson for 10th and 11th place with times of 21:36.7 and 21:38.6.

Victoria Fasbender and Brook Plaszcz fought to the finish line with times of 21:50.8 and 22:14.8 to take 15th and 17th place.

Both Paige Romanowski and Olivia Schreiber fell under the 24 minute mark in 28th and 31st place with times of 23:07.9 and 23:49.1

“The men’s team tied for first and ended up second on the tiebreaker runner, all in all it was a great meet and another step towards our goal,” coach Fredrickson commented.

Junior Cade Hanson crossed the line first for the Mounders and first in the varsity boys’ run with a time of 16:52.5 followed closely behind by Andrew Pathos in sixth place with a time of 17:35.0.

Seth Hazen and Lukas Wagner had 12.1 seconds separating them in 9th and 10th place with times of 17:45.1 and 17:57.2.

Next across the line was Mounder runner Keagan McRea in 26th place with a time of 19:03.2, coming in 42nd place was Brennen Zais with a time of 19:35.4 and Carter Sundeen finished out for Elk Mound in 46th place with a time of 19:41.6.

“The season is quickly winding down with one meet left before conference and I think we have gotten ourselves into a good spot approaching tournament time,” Fredrickson stated.

Elk Mound will make the journey to Eleva-Strum high school for their last meet of the regular season on October 4 before heading to Boyceville October 11 for the conference tournament.

BOYS TEAM RESULTS: 1. McDonell  Central 52, 2. Elk Mound 52, 3. Black River Falls 101, 4. Augusta 109, 5. Chippewa Valley Lightening Bolts, 133, 6. Fall Creek 169, 7. E.C. Immanuel 174, 8. Cameron 186, 9. Altoona 189, 10. Osseo-Fairchild 233, 11. Cadott 269, 12. Mondovi 346.

BOYS INDIVIDUAL RESULTS: 1. Cade Hanson 16:52.5, 6. Andrew Pathos 17:35.0, 9. Seth Hazen 17:45.1, 10. Lukas Wagner 17:57.2, 26. Keagan McRea 19:03.2, 42. Brennen Zais 19:35.4, 46. Carter Sundeen 19:41.6.

GIRLS TEAM RESULTS: 1. Elk Mound 41, 2. Cameron 48, 3. Chippewa Valley Lightening Bolts 85, 4. McDonell Central 96, 5. Black River Falls 125, 6. Osseo-Fairchild 131, 7. Altoona 171.

GIRLS INDIVIDUAL RESULTS: 3. Alana Plaszcz 20:14.5, 10. Kristi Martinson 21:36.7, 11. Danielle Olson 21:38.6, 15. Victoria Fasbender 21:50.8, Brook Plaszcz 22:14.8, 28. Paige Romanowski 23:07.9, 31. Olivia Schreiber 23:49.1.

Chi-Hi Invitational (Colfax)

September 27 the Colfax Vikings’ cross country teams traveled to the Lake Wissota Golf Course in Chippewa Falls with the girls and boys finishing in third place.

“Both teams ran very well, by far the best race of the year,” commented coach Doucette, “it was a smaller meet with only four teams the others all big schools.”

Doucette explained the missing link for the girls, Erica Kallstrom, was out with tendonitis. The Lady Vikes finished with a score of 76 and four of their six runners finished in the top twenty.

Jasmine Best had her third straight medal win finishing in 5th place with a time of 21:53.4 and Emilee Burcham-Scofield came in 15th place with a time of 23:40.8.

Senior runner Hailey Prince crossed the line in 16th place with a time of 23:42.8 and freshmen Jillian Bowe was hot on Prince’s heels with a time of 23:49.7 in 19th place.

Bringing up the back were runners Juelia Berger and Jenna Goodell in 21st and 27th place with times of 24:07.8 and 27:41.4.

“We wanted them to stay with each other and it worked well, all four had their best race of the year and Jenna Goodell also really improved,” stated Doucette.

The Viking boys had their best race of the 2018 season with a third place finish and 56 points, with five of their runners finishing in the top twenty.

Brothers Luke and Noah Heidorn took medal wins with 4th and 6th place finishes and times of 18:28.2 and 18:39.4, senior runner Trevor Rothbauer also took a medal with a time of 18:45.8 in 9th place.

“Luke, Noah and Trevor all won medals and our top five were solid, it was great to see some of our hard work show by really improving,” said coach Doucette.

Sawyer Best and Dennis Sonnentag rounded out the top twenty in 17th and 20th place with times of 19:36.7 and 20:32.7. Coming in 27th place was runner Tristan Lenz with a time of 23:26.4.

“All year we have said the kids work very hard and we were waiting to see that correlate to our racing,” explained Doucette, “we have a bunch of good kids you always hope everybody is faster, but we really enjoy this team.”

The Colfax cross country team will make a trip back to Eau Claire on October 6 for their last invitational of the season before traveling back to Boyceville on October 11 for the Conference Tournament.

BOYS TEAM RESULTS: 1. Eau Claire Memorial 34, 2. Chippewa Falls 41, 3. Colfax 56, 4. Eau Claire North 108.

BOYS INDIVIDUAL RESULTS: 4. Luke Heidorn 18:28.2, 6. Noah Heidorn 18:39.4, 9. Trevor Rothbauer 18:45.8, 17. Sawyer Best 19:36.7, 20. Dennis Sonnentag 20:32.7, 27. Tristan Lenz 23:26.4.

GIRLS TEAM RESULTS: 1. Chippewa Falls 16, 2. Eau Claire Memorial 50, 3. Colfax 76, 4. Eau Claire North 107.

GIRLS INDIVIDUAL RESULTS: 5. Jasmine Best 21:53.4, 15. Emilee Burcham-Scofield 23:40.8, 16. Hailey Prince 23:42.8, 19. Jillian Bowe 23:49.7, 21. Juelia Berger 24:07.8,  27. Jenna Goodell 27:41.4. 

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