LTE – Leona Ubbelohde – 10-18-2017

To the Editor: 

Colfax has a GEM here in our Colfax Health and Rehab. It is something we all have to protect if it means writing individually to our Legislators.

Nursing homes in towns of population of about 1,000 are being forced to close down. The main threat to skilled care facilities like Colfax Health and Rehabilitation is inadequate Medicaid (Medical Assistance) rates, which are roughly $64 per person per day below actual cost.

My stay at Colfax Health and Rehab has left me with only happy memories. The Angels that took care of me on Birch Lane did not have one mean bone in their body. The cards, visits and gifts were so welcome and supportive, too.

Leona Ubbelohde
Colfax, WI