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LTE – Carole Lagerstrom Hunter – 10-11-2017

Attending the all school reunion brought back many memories.

Such as; the soda fountain at Lee’s Drug Store, Steffen’s Hardware, where you were always greeted with a welcome smile from George Steffen and Andy Anderson, the City Cafe, owned by Ida and Carl Koonst, who had the patience of Job, when teenagers would take over a booth and order a coke, the roller rink at the fairgrounds, was run by Ed Kopecky, the Methodist Church Youth Foundation and last but not least, The Gray Goose dance hall, where I met my husband, Skip Hunter, from St. Paul. My wonderful Dad, Andy Lagerstrom, a man of few words, called Skip, “The City Slicker”.

My first year of teaching was at the country school, Pine Heights. That school burned down on February 2nd, 1959. I finished out the school year plus, three more in New Richmond. I continued teaching in three states and four school districts. The all-school reunion united me with three of my Pine Heights students; Sharon and Mary Lou Grummons and Sandy Johnson, students I thought I would never see again. One of the joys of teaching is meeting your students as adults.

The hard-working people on the committee and in the community will never know all of the stories shared and memories made that weekend.

I appreciate the volunteers and staff at Glenhaven, the workers at the Community Center, The Holy Cross Lutheran Church, the staff and workers at the Glenwood City High School.

Also, I appreciate the Tribune Press Reporter for the wonderful photos and coverage of this event.

The Historical Center is a gem, run by caring people, who want to spread the word of the history of Glenwood.

The book, Echoes of Our Past: The Way It Was is very special and informative. It is written by community members, who should be very proud of their accomplishments and additions to complete the book that introduces us to our roots. Our roots make us the people we are today.

To all the hard-working people, with your commitment and spirit to the community again, I appreciated all you did, you made Glenwood City the special place it is today.

The reunion was a huge success!

I am proud to be a farm girl from Glenwood City.

Carole Lagerstrom Hunter
Class of 1956, now a resident of Ann Arbor, MI
“Go Badgers!”