LTE – Barbara Kachinsky – 10-4-2017

Hi Glenwood City,

I attended the Rustic Lore weekend festivities and had a wonderful time. I write this to complement you on how fun and organized it was. I attended Friday night, Saturday and the parade Sunday.

[emember_protected] The committee did a fabulous job with all days and I know countless hours of their time to organize the weekend over at least the past couple years. So much work was involved from so many that I don’t think I even know.

I walked around the city. It looked so nice and well-kept. The store windows were alot of work to assemble and were enjoyed by very many of us.

Your newspaper staff was everywhere capturing the fun activities and memories. They were in overdrive all weekend working for your community and extended communities.

The school was a treat to see and all working there, including especially your student body, were so welcoming.

All this does not surprise me. Glenwood has always been a treasure.

One of my delights was the Sr and Jr bands. The numbers involved was a surprise because I haven’t seen the band in a few years. You looked and sounded wonderful. Keep it up. I don’t see that in the larger schools in my area. You are lucky to have these participants and their mentors. Shout out to you Matt Lamb and Bill Wold. Your students are fortunate to be able to participate in multiple activities from sports, to music, to yearbook, to school newspaper and the list goes on, and be missed if they aren’t able to be there for some reason.

We had a class reunion at Shotgun Suzie’s in Emerald. You have a treasure there. The venue and food were wonderful, well organized and easy to work with. I’m sure there are others in the area too. Use them and patronize your local hard working businesses. They are trying to make a living in the Glenwood City area and make it a great place to live for all of you. Tell your local volunteers thank you for their service to the community.

Last but not least – the Glenhaven/Havenwood complex is second to none. If I need a facility similar to that some day, I may become a happy and thankful resident. Anyone up for wheel chair races?

There are many people on the list that was in the paper I wish I would have seen that weekend. But to those I saw, I’m grateful. Thanks for a memory-filled weekend. 

Barbara Limberg Kachinsky
Neenah, WI [/emember_protected]