LTE – Barbara and James Hoyt – 8-30-2017


We are writing this letter about the hate that is going on in this world. How people can hate so bad is beyond reality.

[emember_protected] They hate the President and everyone that has anything to do with him. Namely the Democrats. They are fighting him, lying about what he says and changing his words to a different meaning. You might call them Hate-Mongers, hatred and prejudice against a group. We see and hear this daily from CNN-MS/NBC–CBS and especially the Democratic party, it’s frightful. This is dividing our country and innocent people are being killed.Do these people call themselves Christians? Because the Bible says we are supposed to Love Thy Neighbor as THYSELF. This hatred …. has got to stop before it’s too late. Maybe we should try going to Church on Sunday and see if that doesn’t make you feel better?

Barbara and James Hoyt
Menomonie, WI [/emember_protected]