LTE – Deanne Sczepanski – 8-16-2017

Is This the Perfect Day?

I am appalled to see Three Square Market in River Falls, Wisconsin, offering employees a micro-chip implant in their hands. Supposedly, it is for workers who can’t remember to bring money for vending machines and to use as an optional way of entering the building.

[emember_protected] I immediately thought of Ira Levin’s book This Perfect Day, published in 1970. I read the book in the early 1970’s and have never forgotten it. 

The novel predicts the future, right up to the end of the world. The people walk around town, dressed in their uni-sex paper uniforms, issued each morning by the government. Scanners are installed along the streets. By law, everyone must touch each scanner with their wrist, which contains an implanted micro-chip. This informs the government of their where-a-bouts at all times.

Three Square Market is promoting their form of micro-chip, supposedly for their employees’ convenience and safety  of personal data. Has this chip been tested for health issues? As for safety of personal data, I would question that in the long run. I would also question the issue of ex-employees.

I would discourage any company from beginning such experimentation. I would also encourage employees of Three Square Market and any company offering this option to decline.

Deanne Sczepanski
Whitehall, WI [/emember_protected]