LTE – Mary Hoeft – 7-26-2017

Democrats and Republicans Unite

Democrats are united in their belief that healthcare is a basic human right.  Americans should not die because they can’t afford insurance.  

[emember_protected] Until today, republican legislators appeared united in support of a plan that would eliminate healthcare for millions of Americans.  That unity ended hours ago when two republican senators announced they would not support the plan, an announcement that assured defeat of the bill. 

President Trump, seemingly unconcerned about his earlier promise to voters of a better healthcare plan, urged republican legislators to get rid of Obamacare immediately and worry about an alternative later.  Republican Whip Mitch McConnell agreed, saying an alternative could be arrived at “down the road.”

When I ran for Congress in 2016, I met a man who had chosen to pay a fine rather than subscribe to Obamacare.  Why?  It certainly wasn’t because he didn’t want insurance for himself or his family.  It was because he couldn’t afford the premiums.  Following his decision, the young man lost two fingers in a work-related injury.  His medical expenses cost him his life savings and more.  

Throughout our country, democrats and republicans are uniting in support of a single payer plan that offers affordable healthcare to all Americans.  Many refer to this plan as “Medicare for All.”  

If you believe single payer is a good plan, let Congressman Duffy know.  Help him understand that Americans, whether democrat or republican, believe affordable healthcare is a basic right for all Americans.  

Mary Hoeft [/emember_protected]