LTE – The Gretzlock Family – 3-29-2017

March 23, 2017

Dear Mr. Carlson,

Our family just returned home from a really fun evening spent at the Boyceville Public Library watching Mr. Norm’s Magical Mystery Show. We wanted to take a moment to thank the Boyceville Public Library and Ginny Julson for providing such a great opportunity for families to attend! 

Not only was the show very entertaining, super kid-friendly and delivered in a family-appropriate way – it was free.  It certainly isn’t easy these days to find an activity for your whole family to enjoy that doesn’t cost a ton!  It was nice to see a packed house for the show as well and see that other families were having a good time also.  Our family has always felt so lucky to have such wonderful opportunities offered through the Boyceville Public Library – so much so that we continue to go there often even though we live in Glenwood City now.  From the offering of what our kids call ‘Library School’ for pre-schoolers to movie nights to summer programming, it is all high quality and FUN!  We’re also excited to see that the Glenwood City Public Library is making great efforts to offer more and more opportunities for community kids and families as well.  Our family went to see Santa there this year and had a wonderful morning filled with crafts, treats and good times.  Thank you to the Village of Boyceville, City of Glenwood City, Ginny Julson and Marilyn Blumer for continuing to provide all this for our family and our communities!

The Gretzlock Family