LTE – Dick Hilson – 3-29-2017

Spiritual Warfare and President Trump

Yes, spiritual warfare. The battle between God and his followers and Satan and his followers. Just one minute here, Dick. What does spiritual warfare have to do with President Trump. Hold on, I’ll get to that later. 

Dust off your Bible, open to the first book in the New Testament, Chapter 24:4-7 and pay heed to what Jesus said, “The end is not yet.” Read on. What are the impending signs telling us… “Tribulation,” seven year period of Jacob’s trouble (Israel). Have we entered that period – no. Are we in the final phase of the Church Age? The duration of this phase, we do not know, Jesus knows and could be just around the corner.

Will you be one of many who will be drawn in as an eternal participant of Jacob’s trouble – Jeremiah 30:7 or will your name be written in the Book of Life, “The Rapture”. 

Dick, what does spiritual warfare have to do with President Trump!!! The Donald, President Trump, played his Trump card. I believe that God’s hand was on that card and he is giving us a second chance to make things right … “Make America Great Again.” 

That’s a bunch of bologna, Dick. Why would God favor such a man as Trump. Did God favor Saul, “Saint Paul.” God works in mysterious ways. God laid his hand on Trump to dismantle the status quo in Washington. Yes, to fix the broken Obama administration, the programed, political hounds, the Hollywood sickos and all who ride shotgun in Satan’s, not small, but Satan’s “large” black jitney. 

Folks, President Trump is knocking, no he is pounding on the gates of hell and he is in dire need of our help. He has inherited one hell of a mess, a dangerous situation. Christians, Jews, followers of Jesus and those feeding the flock of God, step up to the plate. God has given us strong backbones, not jellyfish spines. Spiritual warfare, are you ready?

Dick Hilson, 
an Independent Constitutionalist
Colfax, WI