LTE – Doris Schmidt 3-22-2017

Our town board has worked tirelessly to protect the health and safety of its residents for over six years.

The majority of Forest residents do not want their homes and properties surrounded by 500 foot tall industrial wind turbines that would cast shadow flicker all over their property with endless howling noise day and night. Worse yet, we reject these huge turbines for the infrasound pressure that would penetrate the home we sleep in.

Because our town board cares about the health and safety of the entire community, litigation continues with the support of residents while the Public Service Commission tries to defend a project it originally denied as not in the public interest. These facts reinforce the need to support our current town board who have put the health and safety of Forest residents first.

I am proud of the Forest town board that has protected our health and safety in other meaningful ways with protective zoning laws and excellent roads, all while maintaining a balanced budget without raising taxes. Due to the diligence of Forest residents banding together and supporting our town board, Highland Wind has not been able to put the shovel in the ground. We must keep our present town board in office: Jaime Junker, chairman: Craig Paulson, supervisor: LaVerne Hoitomt, supervisor: Anne Johnston, clerk, and Nikki Sunday, Treasurer. Please vote April 4th to keep these fine people in office.

Doris Schmidt 
Forest Township resident