LTE – Tom Aebly – 3-15-2017

I’m Confused

I’m over 65 so I  have lived long enough and experienced enough to develop some opinions: Here are my top ten sources of confusion.


1) Back in the 60s I lived, and went to school, in Milwaukee. My dwelling was near downtown just two (2) short blocks east of Water Street, so I have seen some civil rights “marches”. I believe the marchers marched because they believed in the cause they marched for – NOT because they were paid, what about marchers now?

2) I was in the military when there were protests and denouncements of Viet Nam, and our military. Doesn’t the military defend all of us and our rights/freedoms? The late 60s/early 70s was also the time of Nixon’s Watergate.

3) In my lifetime I have been exposed to over 16 presidential terms of office. The United States presidential election process is based on the Electoral College system, so more than once the president may not have had the majority of the popular vote. (If the candidate I voted for did not garner the majority of votes cast, and another candidate did, the entire electoral vote went to the other candidate). Does the process make my vote any less important? If I DID NOT vote, do I have a right to protest the outcome? “Not my president”? The citizens of the United States reunited under each president – until now.

4) Advertisements featured people of various nationalities, they still do, but more often than not – now – I see advertisements featuring a negroid male and a Caucasian female (even when young schoolaged kids are used) is this any less discriminatory than it used to be? It it only ok for black males to possess white women?

5) We pay lip service to “Do the Crime, Do the Time”. We label murder (the unlawful, malicious killing of one human by another) as a crime. Isn’t abortion taking a life therefore a murder? Aren’t babies human?

6) If I were to marry, and produce a daughter that eventually attends public school  – why should she be subjected to gender identifications showers and restrooms? Where’s her rights?

7) Democracy, as defined in 1966 Webster Dictionary, is government by the people…majority rule. Nowadays if a minority doesn’t like a decision, they can claim discrimination. What happened to majority rule?

8) The only natives of the United States are the Indians. All other citizen’s families were at one time immigrants, but we adopted a shared way of life and, after a time, a common language. These immigrants who now take the time, and expend the effort, to become naturalized citizens are to be commended – THEY EARNED IT! Should these who enter these United States illegitimately be afforded those same opportunities and freedoms? Should we not expel those who do not put forth the same effort?

9) As citizens of the United States, we depend on information, provided by the media, to make decisions. We expect that the information provided be unbiased and complete. When the television media chooses to repeatedly show a terrorist attack (such as 9/11) and the end never changes…Don’t the terrorists win again EACH AND EVERY TIME? In such a case, doesn’t the TV become propagandists for the terrorist? Is that their function? When sexual abuse by Catholic clergy was exposed, the television news media repeatedly headlined the newscasts with sexual abuse. I recall very few reports of another religion’s clergy committing the same offense. Realistic? Is the Catholic clergy the only humans who succumb to such temptations?

10) We task the police with enforcement of the law, we also desensitize people (police are people too) with games and movies that seem to promote “if you don’t like what someone else does – kill them”. If the police beat a suspect, maim or kill the suspects then protests arise with placards and banners displaying “Black Lives Matter.” Does that mean that the rest of humanity doesn’t matter? When protestors block my way to work, isn’t that just as wrong? Isn’t that infringing on my rights? Why don’t we have the protestors do the law enforcement?

There are many other examples of it is ok for one group – but not another group.

Tom Aebly [/emember_protected]