LTE – Tom Aebly – 2-1-2017

Dear Editor, 

For many years we demonized the Communists, and cursed the division caused by/for the Berlin Wall. It was a symbol of division. The citizens of the United States considered it a victory when it came down.

We had an ideological difference of opinion between the north and south – hence our Civil War. We, in some ways, are still recovering from that division.

Now we embark on another division, on our southern border, with Mexico.

The increase in border guards, I believe, will do more to deter illegals than the wall.

How much will it cost? Monetarily and/or morally? Are we depositing division and animosity on our soil represented by the wall? How long before a way over or under the wall is to be found? Do they not already use tunnels for drug traffic? In addition, to the initial cost, how much will it cost to maintain it?

I disagree with President Trump, and I voted for Trump.

Tom Aebly