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LTE – Lewis Norman – 10-19-2016

Hi, Carlton,

I think you’re wrong. Wisconsin will vote for Trump. I can’t believe the majority of people could be that out of touch with reality.

Hillary is a known commodity, open borders, higher taxes, more Muslims that place shaira law before the constitution (goodbye to womens rights). Nothing will change in the inner city – more death, more division, more uneducated. Social Security will be out. Single payer will take the place of Obamacare (rationing and death panels). The police will continue to be vilified. The Supreme Court will be stacked with activist judges. Amnesty will be given to all illegals and will vote in 2020. The country will be lost. Gun rights and religious rights will disappear.

If you have a Biblical view on morality and you state it publicly it will be considered hate speech and you could be jailed and if you are a church leader you will lose your tax exempt status.

Trump is totally opposite in all these topics. There is no other choice!

America lives or dies – you choose!

Lewis P. Norman