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LTE – Ken Schofield – 10-19-2016

To The Editor:

I am supporting and will vote for current Assistant District Attorney Holly Wood Webster to be Dunn County’s next District Attorney.

I believe that I have a unique perspective on this issue that may assist Dunn County voters.

Until my retirement in May, 2016, I had been chief prosecutor for the City of Menomonie for 39 years.

I worked closely with Holly for many years. She is an excellent prosecutor. In addition, I have always been impressed by how well Holly has worked, out of court, with those associated with the Dunn County judicial system.

Holly has never short-changed or let down the people of Dunn County.

Unfortunately, I do not believe that the same can be said for interim District Attorney Andrea Nodolf.

(After the election of Judge Peterson in the Spring of 2014, the position of District Attorney became vacant.  Governor Walker could appoint an interim District Attorney. Governor Walker chose to seek out and import Ms. Nodolf from Rusk County.)

One example of Ms. Nodolf’s exercise of poor judgment was her campaign to prevent the addition of a third judge for Dunn County.

Objective evidence compiled state-wide has shown that Dunn County is and has been in the top three of all counties in the State of Wisconsin in terms of Judge workload overload.

Requests for help from the State had fallen on deaf ears.

Finally, a bill to fund an additional Judgeship for Dunn County began to move through the legislature. This bill had received full support from the Dunn County Board of Supervisors.

What did Ms. Nodolf do? She used her appointed position to urge the legislature to kill the bill.  The bill died.

Dunn County citizens deserve better than this.

Please vote Holly Wood Webster for Dunn County District Attorney.

Ken Schofield
Menomonie, Wisconsin