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Note on letters to the editor

As editor of this newspaper I must relate some information about placing a letter to the editor, especially as related to the upcoming November 8th election.

Our policy is that we will not run any letter to the editor the week before election, except in response to a letter that had been published the week prior.

All letters to the editor must be in our office, or e-mailed to us so that we receive them to meet the Friday noon deadline. This will allow us time to attempt to call the writer of the letter to verify you as the writer.

As editor of this newspaper, I must inform everyone that I have received over 130 e-mails over this past weekend and I know some of them are about the upcoming election. I will try to wade through those emails to determine if any are for publication.

However, if you send a letter or email a letter to the editor, please call my office to let us know that you are sending a letter to the editor so we can look for it and read it before the deadline.

Thanks for you cooperation.

— Carlton DeWitt, editor