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LTE – James and Barbara Hoyt – 9-26-2016

To the citizens of the United States of America

How much time do we have left? Wake up, awful things are taking place almost daily in Washington D.C, our capital. Our President acts like a king or dictator. He usurps the constitution by taking power and rights he doesn’t have. Congress has the power to impeach him, but does nothing.

The political party system of our country is not working. In the last eight years they have made a laughing stock of themselves and our country. Since our GOVERNMENT removed God from our public schools, we have gone from #1 in the world to almost the bottom. The Muslim kids going to our public schools have a right for Prayer time, while our own American kids don’t.

UNBELIEVABLE. Our Pastors and Ministers of our churches are censored in what they can preach and teach, while the President, secretary of state, attorney general and director of the F. B. I., deceive, mislead, and cover up and refuse to answer questions, our country and the whole world knows what’s going on. A poor group of leaders.

Four people were issued a subpoena to testify before a Congressional Hearing, three pleaded the fifth amendment {were hiding something]. The fourth never showed up. A subpoena is legal written law and must be obeyed, if not jail time. Guess what? He is walking the streets somewhere, another cover up…This is bad and as low our present administration can get.

It’s the bottom.

definition of bottom–it can’t get any lower.

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Candidate promises the same.

I was PROUD to be a US Marine working with the base Chaplin at the 3rd MARINE AIR WING BASE in OPA Lacka, Fl. during the Korean War.


James L. Hoyt
Barbara A. Williams Hoyt