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LTE – James L. Hoyt and Barbara Williams Hoyt – 8-3-2016


DECEIVE = to ensnare, to make a person believe what is not true, to be false.

LIE=to tell lies, to make people think that something is better or worse than it really is. It is made with the intent to deceive.

Do you know people like this?  Well I do!!

1. the President of the United States

2. the U.S. Atty General.

3. The Director of the F.B.I. James Comey.

4. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

5. Bill Clinton

Most of them have lied about their work and maybe personal things.

Hillary Clinton who said I never lied about my E-mails

I never lied about my server, But who lied under oath and told many lies.

Bill Clinton who lied saying “I never touched that woman.”

The reason I mention these lies is because every lie costs our Government many thousands of $$ investigating them.

Loretta Lynch, our United States Atty General has refused to answer over seventy-four questions asked by the congressional committee, also met secretly with Bill Clinton. No questions asked and no pictures taken. This is never done so why this time?

James Comey head of the F.B.I. also refused to answer many questions.

Who are all these people? TOP LEADERS OF the Democratic Party.


How would you feel if one of your sons or daughters while eating supper some night would say Mom and Dad I made up my mind I am going to start to lie and lie many times then maybe some day I could become President of The United States or at least hold a good job in Washington D.C.

Maybe all of us before we stand on our feet to vote should get down on our knees to Pray. In the last seven and one half years the United States has rapidly gone down the hill toward hell then up to the clouds of Heaven.

We also have another choice this election. Donald Trump who says Let’s make America Great Again and Mike Pence governor of Indiana who says First of all I Am A Christian. and next a conservative and then a Republican.

Do you want the same we’ve had the last two elections or do you want a bright and better future with Donald Trump and Mike Pence? Voters you hold the answer.

James L. Hoyt
Barbara Williams Hoyt
Menomonie, WI