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LTE – Mary Rivard – 7-27-2016

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to urge the people of the 29th District to VOTE FOR VINCE TRUDELL FOR ASSEMBLYMEN.

I have known Vince Trudell his entire life. Vince comes from a hard working blue collar family and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Vince is family oriented with wife Rachel and his three (3) children.

I worked with Vince on the Hammond Village Board. Vince served as a Hammond Trustee and he also served as President of Hammond. Vince is a straight forward individual. He pulls no punches, he is fair, he always puts the constituents first, he listens and he researches issues so they don’t become future problems. Vince is very fiscally responsible and has a knack for good budgeting and understanding of the workings of government. Have no doubts Vince Trudell will fight for the best interests of the people of the 29th District.

Vince has always had “An Open Door Policy” and I can tell you from first hand experience Vince is away willing to listen and troubleshoot when problems present themselves to get a good resolve.

If you are looking for someone other than the main stream boiler plate politician, if you are looking for an honest representative, if you are looking for more than a rubber stamp politician, or if you are looking for something more than an established insider than VOTE FOR VINCE TRUDELL FOR 29TH DISTRICT ASSEMBLYMAN.

Integrity, honesty, trustworthy, hard worker, humble = VINCE TRUDELL you won’t be let down!

I no longer live in the 29th District but I would not hesitate to cast my vote for Vince Trudell if I still resided in the area.

Best Regards,
Mary Rivard
Former Resident of Hammond, WI,
formerly a Hammond Village Trustee