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LTE – Scottie Ard – 7-27-2016

Dear Editor,

August 9, 2016 will mark a significant turn in Wisconsin politics as voters will narrow the field for county, state and congressional races with a partisan primary election. Too often partisan primary elections are overlooked as not making a difference and the sentiment of “My vote doesn’t matter,” is often echoed by individuals who may feel they have no voice. One voice can make a difference.

Your Vote is Your Voice! The partisan primary on August 9 is extremely important in deciding which candidates will continue on to the general election November 8, 2016.  This is not the time to flip a coin! Know your candidates and their positions on the issues that are important to you and the area in which you live. Be confidant that your candidates are as fearless and committed to serve as those who have answered the call to service that we should remain a free nation.

Do not ignore your right to vote. Each ballot cast is a statement to the strength of this nation and the determination of its people.  Each time a ballot is cast it reaffirms that the lives lost in the pursuit of Freedom were not in vain. Each ballot cast is an unspoken honor to the men and women who have sacrificed and fought that we should have this most precious right. Cast your ballot and let your voice be heard.

Scottie Ard
Candidate to the Assembly District 29
New Richmond, WI