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LTE – Doug Hill – 7-27-2016

The All School Reunion committee met on July 19th at Glenhaven. We started with some discussion about fund raising. I received donations from Judy Brockway, Orlin Sutliff, Stack Insurance, and Aaron and Phyliss Palewicz since we last met. Thank you for your donations. Donation cans have also been placed around town. Please make use of them! We need to meet postage obligations by September.

Julie Lee and I met with the city council on Monday evening, bringing them up to date on our plans and needs. We are currently awaiting a response from them.

In an attempt to keep the weekend flowing smoothly we are also coordinating our activities to blend into the Rustic Lore events. Ideally, we will have events going on for everyone all weekend.

Class lists for the 40’s,50’s,60’s and 70’s are now complete. We are still trying to find contact information for classes from the 80’s and beyond. If you have information for any of these classes, “PLEASE” let us know, as we are fast approaching deadlines. We also want address changes and updates. Again, I will ask for your help finding teachers and administrators. Get contact information to me or forward my sincere invitation to them.

I presented the first draft of the letter of invitation that will be sent out this coming fall, For the most part, it withstood much discussion and extensive editing. I shall redo and try again next month. We also took a look at what we expect Rustic Lore 2017 to be. Our ideas along these lines need to be reviewed with Rustic Lore folks.

Once again, think all school reunion 2017!!!

Doug Hill
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