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LTE – Doug Hill – 6-29-2016

To Hilltopper Alumni,

With the all school reunion 14 months off, we still have a lot to accomplish. We are making progress with class rosters for the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s nearly completed. We need some help from the 80’s.

The 90’s and beyond are sketchy and harder to find, so any assistance will be appreciated. We are also looking for former teachers and administrators. If you have information or are in contact with any of them, please let us know or pass on our sincere invitation to join in our bet together.

Estimating budgetary needs is a difficult task at best. We will be contacting more than 4000 individuals and that alone could cost in excess of $2300.00. Postage is a major part of that cost, because we have decided on first class postage so we will receive undelivered letters back. We can then try to contact them by other means.

We will also need funds for posters, advertising, insurance, and more. We are in need of your help. For donations we have received to date, I would like to express our most sincere thanks to: Laverne Gust, Kwik Trip, Thrivent Financial, and Joan Bartz. Thank you.

Currently we are considering various activities and ways to schedule them to coincide with Rustic Lore. We are also looking at logistic concerns to include but, not limited to parking, traffic flow, congestion problems, and liability issues, along with possible solutions.

It is our desire to show our school and all its facilities, both academic and athletic, as the state of the art educational system that it is. At the same time we would like to display a community that we can all take pride in as well.

Keep the reunion in mind as we go forward. Doug Hill, 117 Tiffany Creek Road, Glenwood City, WI 54013. Tel 715-565-4376.

Doug Hill