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LTE – Lisa Bragg-Hurlburt – 6-22-2016

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the Village of Colfax, with special credit to Administrator Lynn Niggemann, for investing in improvements to fix the water drainage problem around the foundation of the Colfax Municipal Building.

While it will take time to determine whether the water problem in the basement is completely fixed, we know it’s much improved, and with Lynn’s careful oversight of the details of renovation, her insistence on quality work, and her daily trips down to the basement to monitor progress, the Village has done what it can to ensure that we get the good result we paid for. Building fund money has been used wisely.

It’s especially exciting for me to see this now because this October marks the 100th anniversary of the Library’s presence in the Colfax Municipal Building. It feels great to be part of a Village team that’s moving forward. Since becoming Library Director in January, I have seen people from different organizations in the community contribute positively to the upkeep of this building. For example, now that building work is complete, The Colfax Women’s Club re-planted beautiful flowers and shrubs out front. Tower Park looks great, and we will be all ready for Music in the Park and the kids’ Summer Reading program in July.

Special thanks to dear, calm, wise Pat Eggert for advocating for our park’s trees. We lost one, but thanks to Pat we still have two beautiful, large trees that will provide shade and greenery for park visitors. Community volunteers Mona Thorson and Troy Knutson, along with village staff, did a great job fixing up the bathrooms. The Commercial Club has organized fun events, bringing people to the downtown and together as a community.

Of course, none of what we currently enjoy would be possible without the ongoing and too often “lonely” interest of the Colfax Municipal Building Restoration Group. These dedicated visionaries saw beauty and possibility here when no one else did. I would like to thank them, as well—especially Susan Hill and Joan Scharlau.

Lisa Bragg-Hurlburt
Library Director