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LTE – Tom Larson – 6-1-2016

Letter to the Editor:

It is no surprise to me to hear President Obama give a directive to the American people that mandates all schools to allow for transgender students to decide where they shall go to the restroom/changing room and to provide accommodations for such.

Furthermore, President Obama threatens to enforce the decree by withholding federal funds from schools that refuse to comply. This is merely another move to weaken the Christian faith in this country; an effort that has been going on for years. Christians have been incrementally losing ground in the moral battle for our nation. We have allowed this descent to take place, thinking each nibble is just a little thing, but it has gotten to the point where Christians need to stand up against this strong arming and fight for what is right. Mr. Obama has done more to destroy the Christian foundation of this country than anyone I know. Although he claims to be a Christian, such assertions are implausible since his actions consistently oppose Biblical beliefs and principles.

This bathroom issue creates an extremely dangerous situation for the future of our young children, especially females. To expect our public schools to no longer provide the most elementary expectations for the security and safety of our children is reprehensible. President Obama has no understanding for this, because his daughters will rarely use any kind of public restrooms, and if they do the Secret Service will make sure all is clear. It is clear to me that President Obama is more interested in trans gender agenda than destroying ISIS!

Speaking of transgender equality, they have made the decision to become a minority group when they chose to change their birth gender, yet the rest of us (99.7%) are expected to give up our privacy rights so this group can feel comfortable. (Note: Transgenders are not necessarily interested in privacy because using a designated unisex bathroom has not been acceptable to them. Transgenders want full rights to use the bathroom of their choice.)

When I first ran for office six years ago, I clearly stated that I was a conservative Christian. That has not changed. (I am 100% Christian and always will be.) I believe that God wrote his laws on my heart as he does to all who belong to Him. Those who refuse to follow His rules are denying Him so that they may indulge in their own selfish pursuits. As a Christian, I am asking for all Christians to stand with me and be counted!

Tom Larson
State Representative
67th District