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LTE – Carol Johnson – 5-25-2016

Wisconsin is a Beautiful State

Tourists love to fish our lakes, hunt our wooded areas, and visit our amazing cheese factories and breweries. As a matter of fact, Wisconsin received about $19.3 billion from tourists in 2015. As Wisconsinites we’re proud of our clean lakes and beautiful streams for all to enjoy. We all want to stay on this path of investing in our state, right?

Well, all of us do not agree that our water, air and soil are important assets to keeping our state as beautiful and bountiful as it is. Many people do not realize that the state Assembly, Senate and Governor’s office have passed new laws meant to prohibit our local elected officials from protecting our water, air and soil.

The St. Croix County area will soon find out whether we have a right to weigh in on a proposed 8,000 cow dairy farm. Or how about the high capacity wells being drilled with very little, if any, oversight to make sure our individual well water is protected from being contaminated or simply drained dry.

It is not a radical idea to want to have policies that protect our rights to clean air, water, and soil. The radical idea is to take that right away from us. Gordon Stevens, retired from a 26-year career as an engineer with the DNR, stated in his speech on water quality in Wisconsin at a forum sponsored by the Midwest Environmental Advocates (May 10, 2016) “…water policy decisions should be based on the strong bond between law and science, that the people in charge of making water quality decisions should have the credentials to do so, and that Wisconsin’s true and sustaining wealth is its clean water.”

We have an important election coming in November. Make sure you know the difference between radical and common sense. Make sure you know exactly what you are voting for when you cast your vote for your candidate of choice.

Carol Johnson
Deer Park, WI