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Letter to the Editor – Carol Johnson – 12-16-2015

Spring Election is Important!

It seems we are always in election season. Most of the focus these days is on the 2016 Presidential race. As a St. Croix County resident I want to remind people how important our county board is and that we will be casting our votes in the spring for all county board seats.

 Our current board has accomplished a lot for the people of this county but I want to point out my district representative, Judy Achterhof, who has definitely won my support as a local governing official who understands the importance of investing in our communities. She has worked hard on a 5-year plan that will save county taxpayers money in the long run. She continues to focus on taking care of our county-owned properties so that deferred maintenance doesn’t continue as it did with earlier county boards. The long-term health of St. Croix County matters a great deal to me and personally, I want to see our local officials keep that focus.

Carol Johnson, Deer Park