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LTE – Lois Sipple – 11-18-2015

I was riding on a bus going east on I94 on Wednesday afternoon, and when we were approaching the Hammond overpass, there were two people standing in the rain waving the American flag. What a wonderful tribute to our veterans!! Hope they are also readers of your paper so they can be thanked for their thoughtfulness for the veterans and for our country.

I want to thank you for supporting the young people in your area with the stories and pictures of their athletics happenings, 4-H achievements, school awards, etc. Not only do you have their pictures, their names are with the pics. I quit taking our local weekly paper, it kept getting smaller in size, names were not with pictures most of the time, and not much local news was in it anymore. I love your paper and hope to keep subscribing for a LONG time.

Lois Sipple
Menomonie, WI