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Letter to the Editor – Carol Johnson – 11-4-2015

A Wicked Brew in Madison

There’s a foul odor wafting across the state of Wisconsin. It’s coming from Madison and it smells an awful lot like political corruption. This wicked brew includes rope-a-doping the public by dismantling the board that ensures accountability in elections, the Government Accountable Board, once referred to as “The best American Model…which consists of retired judges selected in a way that is designed to promote impartiality.” (Ohio State University law professor Daniel P. Tokaji).

Add an abundance of money from sources unknown and in unlimited amounts to political campaigns so special interest groups can completely control Madison politicians. Stir well with close coordination between the Assembly and Senate party leaders to ensure the taxpayer remains completely confused as to what is happening before it hits the Governor’s desk for signature. Then rapidly roll it out onto the Governor’s desk, preferably on a late Friday afternoon, when not too many people are paying attention. When all is said and done, you will have elected representatives in the state senate, assembly and the governor’s office who cannot be investigated for corruption because the John Doe process is gone; elections controlled by big money groups because those limits have been removed; and the taxpayer’s watchdog agency in all of this rendered useless to the taxpayer because it only serves politicians in its new role as lapdog.  If your senator and assembly person vote to support any of these bills – SB292 & 294 and AB387 & 388 – and you still vote for them, you need to know you are voting against your own interests.

Carol Johnson
Deer Park, WI

Publisher’s Note—This newspaper received several letters to the editor regarding the legislative battle surrounding the changes to campaign finance and Government Accountability Board. Several blamed local representatives for their support.

However, according to our Wisconsin Newspaper Association, an article from the Wisconsin State Journal highlights the fact that six senators are holding out for various reasons, and the votes are not there to pass these measures out of the senate. Our Press Association has asked us to encourage each of the senators to continue to oppose passage of the legislation as currently written. Included on the list are two local state senators:  Sen. Terry Moulton (Chippewa Falls, District 23) and Sen. Sheila Harsdorf (River Falls, District 10). The other four are: Sen. Robert Cowles, Green Bay; Sen. Luther Olsen, Ripon; Sen. Jerry Petrowski, Marathon; and Sen. Howard Marklein, Richland Center.