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Letter to the Editor – Doug Hill – 10-7-2015

Dear Editor,

The all school reunion committee met on September 29. We finished putting together the list of decade chairpersons.

They are:

1940s – Dorothy Magnuson

1950s – Fran Cassellius

1960s – Jean Booth

1970s – Steve and Julie Lee

1980s – Tammy Erickson

1990s – Sarah  McCarthy

2000s – Kelsie Hoitomt

2010s – Jacob Maes

We need to have class officers or reunion committees contact their respective decade chair with class member contact information. We need address and e-mails. E-mails will be kept in strict confidence and will not be shared outside of our committee. If you have trouble reaching someone, please e-mail us at on the school secure web site, or call me at 715-565-4376.  All information will be kept private for your security.

We have not yet received any information about pre – 1940 alumni. We ask that you please send us any such information you might have.

We expect to have postage costs alone to exceed $2000. So you can understand why we are looking for e-mails addresses. We would also, very much appreciate any and donations to help pay the way.

Think reunion 2017.

Doug Hill
117 Tiffany Creek Road,
Glenwood City, Wi 54013