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LTE – Kathy Dunbar – 9-9-2015

Dear Pet Owners,

Recently, there has been an increase in incidents of pets defecating on public and private property not belonging to the pet’s owner.  This is illegal! I am sure that I am not alone in feeling that you are irresponsible in the care of your pet.

The village ordinances state that no solid waste from animals can be left on public or private property. When you walk your pet, bring a baggie and remove the waste and discard it in YOUR garbage.

Also, if you love your pets, be aware that may landowners spread winter fertilizer and pesticide on their lawns. All of these materials can make your animals sick.

So, clean up your pets’ messes. You should never be out walking your pet without a bag for clean-up.

To all landowners – be vigilant and report ordinance violations by pet owners/walkers. Maybe if they have to start paying a fine for their negligence they will begin and then continue following the laws regarding their animals.

Kathy Dunbar