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LTE – Dick Hilson – 8-26-2015

Are you walking with Jesus?

Well, I think I am. I’m a religious person. I’ve received the spiritual cleansing… “Baptism”. I’ve been confirmed and a full member a church. I attend church on a regular basis. I’m a Christian.

May I ask: Do you attend church to spend time with Jesus and his followers or do you attend church for other copious and opulent reasons; God judges the church. Yes, the above relates a belief in Christianity, but does the above leave you an assurance of the fulfillment spending eternity with the Lord.

My friend, we all have vises, good and bad. It’s time to get a good grip on the lever and open those tight jaws. But I love to play and dance! Jesus said, playing and dancing are good and healthy vises, but play and dance the old-fashioned way, the way that glorifies “Me”. When Jesus was knocking at your door, did you open the door to the extreme state and invite him in? Have you willingly accepted the Holy Spirit into your heart? Are you living your life for Yahsva (Jesus)? If the answer is a positive yes, be aggressive.

Our Lord is an aggressive Lord. Announce to the world with conviction that you are a born again Christian… “I’m walking with Jesus.” The narrow pathway is open for me. Not only will you walk with Jesus, you’ll be a disciple among like men lending a hand and spreading the Good News. Jesus said to His Disciples, “Follow me.”

Dick Hilson, Colfax

P.S. You might want to open your Bible to Revelation Chapter 22, verse 20.