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LTE – Buzz Marzolf – 8-5-2015

My Dear Friend:

It is Monday, August 3, 2015, and I hope that you are among those reading these words of gratitude. I do not know who you are, nor was I aware of what you had done until I attempted to pay my bill at the Hudson Subway sandwich shop about a half an hour ago.

Upon reaching that point in the line where customers pay for what they had ordered, I was told by the young woman at the cash register that you had already paid for my sandwich. When I then asked her if she would point out to me who it was that had done this, she indicated you had already left the store.

Back in the 12th Century A Cistercian Monk – who became St. Bernard of Clairvaux (France) – wrote a dissertation which he titled De Dilligendo Deo (On the Necessity of Loving God). In that scholarly work Bernard makes the statement “The true lover seeks no reward but finds one.”

Because of the numerous times in my own life where the truth and wisdom of his words have rung loud and clear, I’ve taken the liberty to paraphrase what Bernard had originally written, so that his words read this way: “In spite of the fact that – in reaching out in love and in service to others – the true lover may not be seeking any reward, s(he) invariably and inevitably and finds one.”

Seeking nothing in return, Dear Friend, you paid it forward. It is my sincere wish for you and for your loved ones that each of you may be blessed with good health and abundant rewards.

May our Risen Lord sow Peace in the garden of your heart this day and in the days ahead.

Buzz Marzolf