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LTE – Bishop Randy Dean – 7-29-2015

It has recently come to my attention that the Clear Lake Board of Education is struggling as a result of unprofessional and inappropriate behavior on the part of one or two members on that board. An atmosphere of intimidation, micro-managing and bullying has taken the place of vision casting and moral leadership.

Our district has a rich history of high staff morale due to responsible and mature board members who have lead us for at least the previous 3 decades. A tradition of trustworthy, respectful and honorable conduct was established in good times and bad. It was my pleasure to serve as a member of this board from 1993 to 2011. During that time we had many sizable challenges but we always managed to navigate them with honor for each other, respect for our staff and especially, the highest of esteem for our students.

Sadly, such is not the case of recent date. Our Superintendent, Brad Ayer, just announced  that he is retiring after 35 years of devoted and loyal service to the School District and to the Clear Lake Community. This early retirement is due in large part to this current toxic climate on the Clear Lake Board of Education. This is ethically and morally offensive to me and many others. However, I believe it is not too late for us to rescue our schools and students from this completely unnecessary intrusion to our fine heritage.

Accordingly, because of these unprofessional and inappropriate actions, a group of concerned citizens is currently formulating a petition to the Board of Education declaring “No Confidence” in the actions of at least one member of the Board and demanding that such actions immediately cease. We may also step forward with other measures, but this is a beginning point of restoring order and common decency to a group whose leadership is critical to the future of our students quality of education. We can not afford to lose excellent staff members like Brad Ayer and possibly many others due to this dysfunctional board atmosphere.

Please join us in this effort to end the insanity and start anew with clear forward thinking and professional behavior for a bright and prosperous Clear Lake School system and our finest treasures ~ the students!

If you are a Clear Lake School District resident and you agree with this purpose send us a signed note with your name and address to the mailing address below. Or “like” our Facebook page, “A Petition to the Clear Lake School Board”.


Bishop Randy Dean
2694 200th Ave.
Emerald, WI 54013