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LTE – Lewis P. Norman – 7-8-2015

You asked for input on gun control last week, it will be interesting on the response.

Times have changed since I was a young man. Freedom of speech was fought for and defended by both liberals and conservatives. Today if you speak your mind someone will be offended and often times try to silence or destroy you.

The days of sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me, are gone. I always preferred a person that was honest and spoke his mind, even if I didn’t like what they said, you can respect that.

Most people know good from evil, givers from takers. The workers and givers all open game, liars, perverts, and takers are victims! Anyone who lives in this great country is not a victim unless they choose to be one.

Life in this USA is a fantasy to most of the rest of this word. If you think I am wrong move to the Middle East, Africa, Indonesia, China, or Russia.

We are throwing our freedom away for what some believe is security. Freedom of speech is under assault. If the Government doesn’t like what you say or how you think they send an agency to punish you (Tea Party – IRS). If you have strong religious beliefs you  are a target and if they can they will litigate you into submission. Universities used to be open to all visions. Today at some, dialog and subject matter are controlled.

Now to gun control. Every person that is mentally capable and trained in the proper use of firearms should have conceal carry and be armed always. If we really care about our children some teachers or administrators should be trained and armed. Gun control isn’t about guns its about controlling you and I. The only guns that will be controlled will be those owned by law abiding citizens.

We can’t or won’t control the borders. We can’t stop drugs from coming in. We can’t stop criminals until after the fact. So how are we going to control guns from evil people?

Lewis P. Norman, rural Colfax