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Letter to the Editor – Ike Carlson – 7-1-2015

Carlton, I feel the need to respond with my thoughts on gun ownership. I grew up on a farm and we used guns all the time. We were raised with them and we were taught that they were tools, just like a hammer or a tractor. They were not to be played with and were to be used with care. We had them stashed in several places just in case we needed one. You never knew when a bull would get loose or if a skunk would be lurking or if a bear, coyote, wolf, or cougar would be on the farm.

We used to shoot squirrels and rabbits, and dad would let us take a pellet gun or 22 into the woods to get them. He taught us how to use guns and to be mindful of where they were pointed. We always ate what we shot, except for the pests. Those were disposed of. I remember hunting squirrels with my dad, starting when I was 5 years old. He would hold the gun for me and it was my job to aim and pull the trigger. We always got squirrels and usually got a few rabbits too. They were really good to eat and I still enjoy hunting and eating them now. Of course the rabbit is the best.

I read your piece in the paper about the group 2AO and I remember seeing the movie “Red Dawn” years ago. It was a very disturbing movie, but we can see the beginning of it in our nation today. The “powers that be” are trying to strip us of our gun rights and we need to resist in order to retain our freedom. Why would anyone in their right mind “turn in” their guns? Is there any other reason to ban guns other than to get power over the people? Why do people think this is going on? Are we blind? I think we might be.

Every American has the right and responsibility to be armed. That is part of what guarantees our freedom. You cannot take control of a well armed people. That right is not to be infringed, but I feel that is has, through tax stamps, registration, and regulation. I have talked with people from other countries where guns have been confiscated and regulated and they warn us not to give up our guns because we will fall to tyranny or communism.

It seems that people are too eager to call the police any time they see someone with a gun. People used to carry guns everywhere and there was little trouble. Now we leave our guns at home and there is trouble everywhere. I am not suggesting that we run around with AR15’s, but we should keep some sort of gun close by. I see no trouble in taking a gun to church, or school, or anywhere else for that matter, if we choose to. It is, after all, only a tool, just like cars, hammers, and any other piece of machinery or equipment. We simply need to be responsible with it. I enjoy carrying a gun, just for the protection it offers against varmints, both two and four legged.

One big problem I see is the sort of “games” that youth play where they shoot people, beat people up, steal cars, visit prostitutes, and destroy property. This teaches them that there is no accountability and that it is OK to hurt someone to get your way. This is not good for our children. They need to be taught love, respect, and accountability; not violence and sex.

We, as a nation, have moved away from speaking up when something is wrong and standing up for what is right. Take Facebook for example, we either like something or ignore it, and the problem grows. I say to America, SPEAK UP. Stand for freedom and what is right. How far will we let it go? Our “president”, or whatever he is, told us that we are not a Christian nation. How many of us go to church on Sunday? I do, and so do a lot of the people I know. If we are not a Christian nation, then why do we have churches in every town? God’s name is in our currency, our courts, and our way of life. Our nation was founded UNDER GOD. He is our creator and will help us to stay free if we live as he has instructed. Can we expect him to ensure our freedom if we do not obey his commandments? I believe our freedom depends on how we live as Christians. I pray every day for our nation, our freedom, and our faith.

Ike Carlson