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LTE – Doug Hill – 6-22-2015

Dear GCHS Alumni,

The reunion committee met on July 16th with a long agenda.

The response to the facebook page was excellent. We had 2064 like; not everyone voted, but of those that did, 13% liked mid June, 26% liked early August, and 59% preferred Rustic Lore weekend. Thank you for your participation. Keep following us on facebook at GCHS All School Reunion.

After discussing data from prior reunions and the facebook poll, it was decided to pursue Rustic Lore weekend of 2017 as the date for the all school reunion. This will have to be approved by the Rustic Lore committee. Details will need to be worked out.

Because we have started to receive donations (which we appreciate very much), we need to have a organizational structure with officers, etc. I (Doug Hill) was selected Chairman, Kelsie Hoitomt as secretary, and Carol Teigen as Treasurer.

Other members present at this meeting were Arlene Hill, Joan Bartz and Jacob Maes. I thank everyone that was present.

Our next major concern was the development of a structure in which we could contact as many alumni as quickly and efficiently as possible. We determined that a list of e-mail addresses would make it possible to contact everyone multiple time at virtually no cost. Being able to accumulate a list of e-mail addresses is unlikely. We must therefore rely on the post office.

To assist us in putting these lists together, we will be contacting individuals to be decade chairmen. The decade chairmen will in turn be contacting class representatives to put the lists together.

We also have a secure e-mail at where you can give us your information. We need the following: Name; Class; Phone; E-mail; Mailing address.

As we get closer to sending mailings, we also need your assistance financially. Keep us in mind.

Until next time, we look forward to 2017.

Doug Hill
All School Reunion Committee
117 Tiffany Creek Road,
Glenwood City, WI 54013